SHE - Carry The WeightFollowing the release of three breathtaking singles, SHE are all set to release their debut EP. Packaging everything we love together with an added surprise on the end.

We could not be more excited to exclusively share the debut EP from indie-pop babes, SHE.

They’ve come a long way since the release of their debut banger, ‘Body Talk’. Bursting into our lives with punchy guitars, swirling synths and haunting harmonies; all mashed together with a whole load of 80’s subtleties. A winning combination if ever we did see one.

Structuring the EP in chronological order of releases, this is the perfect way to experience their journey so far. Opening with ‘Body Talk’ before sauntering into sophomore effort ‘Howl’. SHE clearly highlight their talents of encapsulating multiple tones in a gripping, dramatic way without losing their ‘easy-listening’ sound.

Describing the EP as “a bit like a moody teenager”, lead singer Rebecca Davies explains that “it starts quite upbeat and lively but it also has moments of reflection where we take things down a notch and focus in on harder subjects and softer sounds.”

‘Lay Low’ sees that drop in pace for the five-piece before we’re treated to brand new track ‘Bring Me Down’. Arguably their strongest track yet, slow building, with a dark, infectious chorus that will glue itself firmly in your mind. The track stunningly matches a strong, firm bassline with ethereal synths that prove perfect for Rebecca’s captivating vocals.

Speaking on the track Rebecca says: “I had a conversation with a young lad once about his own mental health and the imagery that came out in the stories he used to tell me were both fascinating and terrifying at the same time. His dreams and his visions blurred into one and he really lost grip on reality for a while – a really interesting character. I think trauma and tragedy can be a real motivator when you write music. It would be great if everything we sang about was all sunshine and flowers but life just doesn’t go that way.”

Carry The Weight will be released on the 31st of July 2018 via Killing Moon.