Meet Isaac Howlett and Adam Relf, AKA Empathy Test. Sharing a love for eighties sci-fi soundtracks, underground dance music and nineties guitar bands (a winning combination if ever there was one!), they have come together to form their own dark, futuristic sounding pop music… and we love it!

Sticking to their aforementioned love, their name, Empathy Test, even derives from the beloved sci-fi film ‘Blade Runner’, we can hear the secret sci-fi lover inside you screaming already, but… it gets better.

They’ve created a trademark sound full of synths (naturally), infectious melodic beats and soaring, anthemic choruses that you won’t be able to resist falling in love with.

This material, the double A side entitled ‘Demons/Seeing Stars’ is the first taste that we’ve heard from their forthcoming debut album, and if this is anything to go on, their debut will be a must buy.

Their formerly released debut EP ‘Losing Touch’ was impressively cinematic for a debut, sufficiently stamping their mark in the electro-pop field, but now it’s time for them to take that further, we have faith in them, do you?

Listen to ‘Demons’ below: