EIGHTY NINETY, how long have you been making music under this pseudonym?

We’ve been EIGHTY NINETY for about three months.

As you’re brothers, where did the idea to start a band originate from? Was one of you more musical than the other growing up? 

We’ve both played music our whole lives, and have been involved in a lot of various projects. After a few years living on opposite coasts, we both found ourselves in New York and saw it as a perfect opportunity to collaborate. With EIGHTY NINETY, we wanted to really go for something that captured all of our influences and inspirations without worrying about fitting into any specific genre. 

Do you think it effects your dynamic as a band being family as opposed to other bands out there who are simply friends, musicians etc? 

Absolutely. On the one hand, we spent our entire childhoods together so have that kind of instinctual shorthand only siblings have. On the other hand, things can definitely get heated in the studio. Always respectful and polite, of course…

There are a number of sibling duos doing incredible things at the minute including First Aid Kit, Broods, Lily & Madeleine. Do you hope to be the next major family phenomena? 

There is something very cool about making music with someone you’ve known your whole life. If people dig it that will be even better!

Who would you say your collective biggest influences are? And who do you aspire to personally?  

We definitely have different but overlapping taste and creative role models—which we hope comes through in our music! I (Abner) respond most to songwriters — Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Noel Gallagher, Stephan Jenkins, Chris Martin, Paul McCartney. Harper’s biggest influences are the behind-the-scenes guys like Sir George Martin, Ethan Johns, Steve Lillywhite and Brian Eno.

The latest track Three Thirty has been received well, what are your next steps as a band for 2016? 

 Thanks! It’s our first song as a band and we’re really happy that some people seem to like it. We’re currently working on an EP we hope to finish in the next month or so. We’d love to take it on tour—or at least play a few shows!

 I know Abner you’re a music video director. Do you have some film ideas to accompany the new music releases?

I think that because I’m so close to the music it’s actually been a little bit harder to get the kind of perspective on our songs I generally like to have before making a video. That being said, I definitely plan on making videos for EIGHTY NINETY — starting with “Three Thirty” — and have some ideas percolating. I’m going to call some friends to help out so I don’t end up disappearing down some self-reflective rabbit-hole.