We caught up with Cocoa Futures ahead of their upcoming EP The Blue release. New to the Lost in the Manor label and producing some pretty great music, keep your eyes and ears peeled for what’s to come from him.

The Blue is first track to come from your upcoming EP of the same name, what can you tell us about this?

It’s got four songs on it, and it was written and produced in 2015. We made most of it in a lovely rehearsal studio in Hackney called Studio 9. It’s where we rehearse, so it was nice to record in a place we feel comfortable. Plus there’s a fantastic pub over the road.
The EP is getting released on a label called Lost in the Manor. It’s great to get some help with it from a lovely team who believe in it – thanks guys!

The EP was produced by Marc Withasee (Micachu & the Shapes), what made you contact him to work with? 

I’d really liked the stuff Marc has produced with Benin City. A friend suggested him, and after we met and began working on ideas, it quickly became clear that he was a really, really good fit for our music. It was our first time working with a producer, so it could have been scary but it was a really exciting and fun process.

Have the results from working with him been similar to your expectations?

Yes, definitely. At the heart of it, we were keen to make a set of songs to be proud of. I think that’s quite a simple thing, but often pretty tough to achieve. And that’s definitely happened. So yep, expectations = fully met!

Born in Scotland, the home of some pretty amazing DIY music, do you think this has influenced your creative process at all?

There’s some incredible music in Scotland, and growing up there was a big encouragement to actually try and make music. I love bands like Twilight Sad, Beta Band, Boards of Canada and De Rosa. We probably don’t sound much like those bands, but I guess that’s how inspiration works sometimes.
Taking a DIY-approach wasn’t a conscious or Scottish-influenced decision though. It felt like the only option to make something decent of our own with limited resources.

What caused you to relocate to London? 

Drummer Dave and I moved down to London around the same time. We got a bit bored of Edinburgh – a great city but it was definitely time to move on.

Do you feel London has inspired any of your music? If so how and to what extent?

Definitely, although it took a while for that to happen. As somebody new in London, I found it difficult to find good gigs, there was so much going on. Seeing incredible artists like The Invisible and Kwes changed all that though, and that led onto hearing a bunch of incredible music.

Got three London dates coming up, all reasonably spaced out pre to the EP launch, is there a reason for this? 

It’s just kinda how it worked out – plus it gives us time to make each show slightly different and try and get some new songs in there.
As well as the single and EP launch, it’ll be fun to play a festival Blogtober that our label are organising. It’s 31 different blogs each put on a night at The Finsbury in North London during October. We’re playing one on Friday October 7th. Should be fun!

What’ve you got planned for the shows? 

At the moment, we’re working hard to get ready for the single launch on Friday Sep 16th. It’ll be our first gig in a while, so we’re really looking forward to it. Expect twisted pop.
We’ll be joined by label mates ‘The Fin‘ – a great Japanese band. Plus the amazing Suitman Jungle, Coby Sey and friends Joe Bentley and DJ Dungo playing bangers.

Do you have any expectations of what the shows will be like?

It’s really important for us to represent the EP well live, and have fun too. So hopefully we can do that, as well give a hint as to where we’re going next through some new songs too.

What are you hoping the response to the EP will ideally be and on what scale?

We’d hope the EP means that we can play some fun shows and make another one fairly soon. We’re happy with it but I think it’s important to remember that it’s something creative and it won’t be for everyone. It’s great if people like it, and it’s cool if they don’t!