Making ‘Fantasy’ a reality and one huge ‘FACE PNCH’, Mad Hawkes is soaring into 2019.

Gracing us from sunny Los Angeles, Mad Hawkes has unleashed her talent on the world with her unnapolojetic outlook and edgy emotion. Releasing her debut EP ‘Undone’ earlier this year, Born reviewed it as: “Undone is an incredibly strong debut album for this rising star. Not only does she explore her self-described style of Babe Rock, but also demonstrates her confidence and inspiring stance on female empowerment”.

Here to keep the jingle in our bells at christmas, we caught up with Maddi to find out her hype for 2019 and how her christmas traditions go down:

What’s your best album of the year and what’s the best track?
King Princess’s ‘Make My Bed’. All of the songs are good, but ‘1950’ really resonates with me. If you haven’t heard, look it up.

How has your year been for you?
We had an awesome year! Released two singles, ‘Fantasy’ and ‘FACE PNCH’ and played lots and lots of shows. Looking back on it, it’s been the most eventful year of my music career so far. I’m excited to keep it going.

What would you be most happy to leave behind in 2018?
The only thing I’m down to ditch from 2018 is my newfound anxiety. This year I learned how to turn things into catastrophic panic attacks, would loooove for that not to happen in 2019 haha. Besides that, 2018 was great!

Where will you be this Christmas?
In LA, probably drinking spiked eggnog on my mom’s couch.


Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Oh yeah. My siblings and I tend to watch every Christmas movie ever made together. At some point Christmas sweaters appear. And then like most people, we eat and drink ourselves into a bigger pair of pants. My mom loves to buy my three siblings and I matching onesies. My brother will be Santa and my two sisters and I elves…it’s a tradition that won’t seem to die seeing that I’m 26 now….

What’s your favourite Christmas jumper?
I have the most hideous sweater. I think an old blind woman made it in the 90s. Nothing makes sense about it. It’s huge first off, goes down below my knees, bright red. With a big fat Santa face that Velcro’s to the front sticking out 4-5 inches. The sweater looks like it’s inside out, whether or not that was on purpose or accident I’m not sure. And to be honest I’m not sure if its Santa or Mrs. Claus. It’s a rough one. Very cosy though!

What are you having for Christmas dinner?
We will either do ham or primed rib. Definitely some scalloped potatoes. Brussel sprouts. And a lot of wine. It’s a feast.

What are the best/worst Christmas presents you’ve ever received?
Well my mom got me luggage! And now that I’m getting older practical gifts seem to take the cake, so that was very exciting! The worst was probably a series of rhinestone encrusted gifts from my Grammy. Over the years I’ve received rhinestone pants, shirts, sweatshirts, hats, belts, shoes. But never had the heart to say how ugly everything was, so naturally I modelled it all for her and then went to goodwill.

What’s your favourite Christmas cracker joke?
What music do elves listen to? … Wrap…

What artist/band are you looking most forward to hearing more from in 2019?
I would say King Princess, again. I think what she is doing is cool and different. I love that she can produce her own music, it’s badass. As a 19-year-old she’s killing it, I expect a lot of good music coming from her.