Coming up to the second anniversary of Abbie McCarthy’s Good Karma Club, we thought we’d take the opportunity to have a chat in celebration of the fantastic new music showcase.

She’s also done us a solid and made us a killer playlist of the Good Karma Club acts that have graced the many stages (listen below).

Hey Abbie! Congrats on the anniversary of Good Karma Club, how does it feel knowing it’s been going for 2 years?
Thanks so much! It feels great but I also can’t believe it’s been 2 years, the time has absolutely flown past! I’ve really loved it and am so proud of some of the line-ups we’ve put on in that time and I can’t wait for the next 2 years! or maybe even 20….


What made you first start doing them?

 As a massive music fan, I wanted to put on special parties to share with people my new favourite bands. I also thought it would be a great platform for brand new artists – a nice, cosy and intimate setting where they can play to a friendly music-loving crowd. These small nights are crucial for new bands to play, it’s somewhere they can learn how to play live and get really good at it. 


Have there been any specific high/low points along the way?

One of my favourite Good Karma Club events was when we hosted a stage in an old dungeon tower at City Sound Project festival in Canterbury, it was the most amazing & unique setting and it was ace to see acts like Tom Grennan, Husky Loops and Bad Sounds over the weekend.

Lots of the best moments we’ve had is when a band plays the night and you can just tell they are going to go on to huge things and you realise you’ll never forget this tiny early gig, it will be a very special memory for years to come. I’ve been lucky enough to host early shows for acts like The Amazons, Pale Waves, The Sherlocks, Bloxx and Will Joseph Cook.  


What’s been your favourite line-up/line-up you’re most proud of to date?

That is a really tough question! All the line-ups are all like my muscial babies..!

I think the very first Good Karma Club line-up will always be special as that launched us into the scene – Childcare, The Sherlocks and The Bay Rays all performed and absolutely killed it. They remain 3 of my favourite bands.

Where do you seen GKC going in the future, we know you’re going on tour with The Academic?

Yes, we’re going on a big 7 date tour around the UK with an excellent indie band from Northern Ireland called The Academic, I’m so looking forward to that! It’s going to be ace to take a bunch of my favourite bands at the moment on tour and to visit a few venues I’ve yet to go to.

The Good Karma Club nights so far have been monthly and based in London but we’re looking at taking it to as many corners of the country as possible. 

One day I want to do a Good Karma Club Festival too.


What advice would you give to those wanting to start their own club night?

Make sure your line-ups are always on point, pick artists to play that you are really passionate about and really love and live what you are doing because I think this shows and makes people want to be a part of the night.


Your next GKC sees host to Bad Nerves, Sorry and Tremors, for those who may not have listened to these bands, what should people expect from them?

Bad Nerves are a punk band straight out of East London, their punchy, riffy tunes truly come to life live.

Sorry is a great name for a band isn’t it? They’re a grungy gang from North London who just signed to Domino Records. I fell totally in love with their music when I saw them supporting The Big Moon on tour.

Tremors make alternative synthy goodness and I am tipping them for big things.


What’s your main aim for 2018 with GKC?

To keep creating really fun parties with killer line-ups for people to come to and have a wicked time!