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#TBT One Year On: IDER – ‘Learn To Let Go’

16 August 2018

The electronic duo has had an incredible year of lighting up festival stages, releasing stunning singles and touring the world!

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#TBT One Year On: New Arcades – ‘Fade’

9 August 2018

Another year has passed and New Arcades have kept busy blessing us with new music and live performances.

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#TBT One Year On: Club Kuru – ‘Double L’

2 August 2018

After a somewhat bumpy beginning, Club Kuru are finally set for success thanks to an incredible year.

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#TBT One Year On: Marsicans – ‘Too Good’

26 July 2018

Marsicans have had an incredibly busy year and they’re not ready to stop just yet!

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#TBT One Year On: Birds of Bellwoods – ‘A Year Ago’

19 July 2018

A lot has changed for Birds of Bellwoods since the release of ‘A Year Ago’ a year ago…

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#TBT One Year On: BANFI – ‘She Comes Home’

12 July 2018

BANFI have had an incredible year consisting of festivals, tours, releases and beer!

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#TBT One Year On: CUT_ – ‘Electrify’

5 July 2018

It has been a whole year since CUT_ released the intoxicating and quite frankly¬†ELECTRIFYING ‘Electrify’! But what have they been up to since?

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#TBT One Year On: The Snuts – ‘What’s Going On?’

28 June 2018

Since releasing the demo, The Snuts have proved you don’t need produced music to gain momentum.

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#TBT One Year On: The Tin Pigeons – ‘Wild’

21 June 2018

The Tin Pigeons have had a jam-packed year, since the release of ‘Wild’ including eight festivals, three tours and five single releases. Do they ever sleep?

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