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#TBT One Year On: Bryde – ‘Desire’

13 December 2018

Touring, touring and more touring! The Welsh soloist has probably lost track of where she calls home after her ‘bonkers’ non-stop year…

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#TBT One Year On: Real Cool – ‘Always Her’

6 December 2018

A year of performing, recording and releasing singles. 2018 was a landmark year for the pop duo.

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#TBT One Year On: SPINN – ‘She Takes Her Time’

29 November 2018

One EP, seven singles and god knows how many gigs; the dream pop foursome has had an impressively busy year…

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#TBT One Year On: Cape Cub – ‘Searchlight’

22 November 2018

Cape Cub have had an exciting year: three releases, seven festivals, numerous massive shows and, above all, one became five.

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#TBT One Year On: LPX – ‘Slide’

15 November 2018

Everyone’s favourite punk princess has had a busy year spreading her iconic electricity since releasing the infectious ‘Slide’.

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#TBT One Year On: White Room – ‘Cannibal Song’

8 November 2018

The Brighton quintet have been busy since releasing their 2017 Halloween single ‘Cannibal Song’…

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#TBT One Year On: Denny – ‘Girls Like You’

1 November 2018

Happy Anniversary to Denny’s ‘Girls Like You’! Here’s what they’ve been up to over the past year…

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#TBT One Year On: PLYA – ‘Thinking of You’

25 October 2018

4 releases, 2 festivals, a European tour and love from Sir Elton John; PLYA have had it all in their debut year.

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#TBT One Year On: Bessie Turner – ‘Words You Say’

18 October 2018

Bessie Turner has jam-packed her year with gigs, festivals, releases and meeting her heroes.

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