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Spotlight: Cameron Sanderson

14 September 2018

Thanks to SYNCR Music, we discovered the incredible Cameron Sanderson who we believed deserved a Spotlight…

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Spotlight: TrueHeights

17 August 2018

In partnership with SYNCR Music, this week’s Spotlight features your new favourite rock band, TrueHeights.

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Spotlight: L-Space

3 August 2018

Our Spotlight series in partnership with SYNCR Music continues with the incredibly captivating L-Space.

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Spotlight: Little Dot.Big City

20 July 2018

In our third Spotlight in partnership with SYNCR Music, we discussed secrets to success with the unique Little Dot.Big City.

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Spotlight – Felix Shepherd

30 April 2018

On our second Syncr Spotlight, we speak to rising Birmingham artist Felix Shepherd.

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Spotlight: Chroma

13 April 2018

In partnership with Syncr Music, we’re putting the spotlight on the best up and coming artists out there. First up is Chroma.

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Spotlight: Shady Rivals

26 October 2017

Born “in a trailer”, LA rockers Shady Rivals are our Reverbnation Spotlight artists this week.

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Spotlight: Destiny Malibu

19 October 2017

This week’s Spotlight artist believes music can heal the world. Meet rising pop star Destiny Malibu.

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Spotlight: Blame The Youth

12 October 2017

The antithesis of the masculine, white bands that saturate the music world, Blame The Youth are our refreshing, exciting and brilliant Spotlight artists this week.

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