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Spotlight: Pink Lemonade

13 March 2019

It only took one sip for us to get hooked on Pink Lemonade, so we had to discover what makes them pop in our latest SYNCR Music Spotlight.

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23 February 2019

We caught up with the boys following the release of their debut EP

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Spotlight: Little Grim

23 January 2019

We cannot get enough of Little Grim here at Born Music and we just had to Spotlight them to find out more…

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Spotlight: Chelsea Blues

20 November 2018

This month, we’re shining our SYNCR Spotlight on the incredible Chelsea Blues who provided an insight into her culture, music and poetry.

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Spotlight: Beth Duck

26 October 2018

Ahead of the release of her debut solo single, we spotlighted the incredible Beth Duck and talked collaborations, influences and youth.

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Spotlight: Bryony Dunn

5 October 2018

The lovely Bryony Dunn is next up for our Spotlight in partnership with SYNCR Music.

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Spotlight: Cameron Sanderson

14 September 2018

Thanks to SYNCR Music, we discovered the incredible Cameron Sanderson who we believed deserved a Spotlight…

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Spotlight: TrueHeights

17 August 2018

In partnership with SYNCR Music, this week’s Spotlight features your new favourite rock band, TrueHeights.

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Spotlight: L-Space

3 August 2018

Our Spotlight series in partnership with SYNCR Music continues with the incredibly captivating L-Space.

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