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Friday Favourites #44

15 February 2019

Whether you’re all loved up this weekend, all raged up or need a banger on repeat, we’ve got your soundtrack covered.

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Friday Favourites #43

8 February 2019

Whether you’re out raving, in behaving or sitting back lazing, we’ve got the freshest new tunes to soundtrack your weekend.

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Pre-show Playlist: Eckoes

6 February 2019

Shaped by the music, what better way before a show to see who inspires Eckoes.

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Friday Favourites #41

18 January 2019

Tired of running in ‘Circles’ trying to find your next favourite tune? Don’t worry… we’ve done that for you.

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Friday Favourites #40

11 January 2019

‘Look Ma!’ Friday Favourites is back! Ready to hear your new favourite tunes?

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Top 10 Debut Albums of 2018

12 December 2018

We’re all about brand new music here at Born Music. So why wouldn’t we have three separate lists for debuts?!

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10 Memeworthy Tracks of 2018

12 December 2018

Like it or not Meme’s have taken the internet by storm.

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Mauwe picks… Inspirational Lyrics

10 December 2018

The Bristol based electro-pop duo share their playlist…

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Friday Favourites #39

7 December 2018

Speeding towards the festive season, we’ve got a Celebration Box of Friday Favourites for you. All Galaxy Caramels, no Bounties.

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