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Introducing: Girls Named Jennifer

20 June 2018

We caught up with 80’s nostalgia expert Girls Named Jennifer to talk about his debut album, Drive, and of course, the 80’s.

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Introducing: Hudson Scott

19 June 2018

A carpenter by day, multi-instrumentalist Hudson Scott caught up with us to talk about his latest single, his influences and his future plans.

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Introducing: Madge

13 June 2018

Defying labels, rising star Madge speaks to us about her latest single ‘Alice’, her pet cat/witch Bébé and more!

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Introducing: Ay Wing

8 June 2018

“Instagram and Social media are part of our reality and therefore we need to find the right way to handle them.”

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Introducing: AVNT GARDS

8 June 2018

The Leicester four-piece sound like an already established act on debut single ‘Run and Hide’

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Introducing: The Wild Wild

4 June 2018

  The Wild Wild (aka Benjamin Dunn) who lives in Highland Park, Los Angeles is an immensely well travelled, inventive artist who is steeped in culture.

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Introducing: Folly Rae

30 May 2018

Already a Spotify success, rising star Folly Rae talks about her latest single ‘Sniper’, complete with a fantastic Americana inspired music video.

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Introducing: Lhasa Petik

28 May 2018

The Canadian singer-songwriter debuts the delicate guitar work of her delectable single ‘Fading’…

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Introducing: Fond Of Rudy

23 May 2018

Indie-pop band Fond Of Rudy discuss making music while living in two different cities, the 80’s, and their new single ‘Imagination’…

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