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Who TF is Ben Kidson?

8 November 2019

With influences ranging from Nirvana, to the Arctic Monkeys, to Billie Eilish, Ben Kidson is crafting alternative pop with a truly unique and diverse flavour

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Who TF are Glossii?

7 November 2019

We caught up with post-punk provocateurs Glossii and had a chat about their wide range of influences, chaotic live shows and everything in between

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Who TF are False Heads?

6 November 2019

Loved by Iggy Pop and hoping that “one day music with some beauty and reality can enter popular culture again and wipe out Lad Bible artists like Lewis Capaldi”, we had [READ MORE]

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Who TF is Bessie Turner?

1 November 2019

To Celebrate the release of emphatic new single ‘Down 2’, we got a little more acquainted with rising alt-pop star Bessie Turner

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Who TF are Chartreuse?

30 October 2019

Following the release of their excellent new single ‘Woman, I’m Crazy’ and with their debut EP imminent, we had a chat with soulful Black Country outfit Chartreuse

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28 October 2019

We caught up with UPSAHL, a young artist who’s razor sharp brand of electro-pop has her widely touted to become a huge star

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Velvet Tides | Pre-Show Playlist

25 October 2019

Velvet Tides first UK tour has taken their hazy shoegaze sound up and down the country. As their UK tour nears its conclusion, we asked Velvet Tides to fill us [READ MORE]

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Who TF is Maddee?

25 October 2019

We caught up with Toronto singer-songwriter Maddee and found out some more about the young artist’s impossibly soulful sound

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Who TF is Blossom Caldarone?

23 October 2019

We had a chat with Blossom Caldarone about everything from the foundations of her unique sound to exciting future plans

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