So, have you heard of BAD SOUNDS? If not, why not? Change that immediately! If baggy, groove-infused indie-rock is your thing, well, you’ll be in love. Inspired by their love of hip hop, the Bath-based band have been smashing out hit after hit in the year that they have been active, just take a listen to killer tracks such as ‘Wages’ and ‘Avalanche’.

They are taking their fantastic sound to Are You Listening? Festival in aid of Reading Mencap on Saturday 22nd April and have just released their great new video for current single ‘Meat On My Bones’, which you can see below. Find out a little bit more of what the band is about…

Your latest single ‘Meat On My Bones’ is funky and addictive! Can you tell us a little about the track?

It’s got clav’s, rhinos, oesophagi etc

We loved your new video for ‘Meat On My Bones’ – can you give us an insight as to what went into creating it?

The idea was that we wanted to show how people experience music differently. The video is based around some friends of ours in a record shop listening to music.  We thought it would be cool if the five of us in the band each wrote separate briefs for the imagination sequences and then we sent it out to five different animators who were from all around the world. It was actually really cool because it emphasises the differences in the animation sequences. We ran out of money pretty quickly after that, ha! So Callum animated the rest of the video, it’s the first animation he’s ever done so he sort of had to learn on the fly.

You’ve built up an incredible bunch of tracks over the past including the baggy ‘Wages’ and your hit ‘Avalanche’. What can we expect from you in the coming months?

Thanks a lot! We’ve actually just finished our first mixtape! We can’t wait to put that out because it’s going to be the first thing we put out which isn’t just a standalone track, and it means we’ve been able to do a lot of stuff the wouldn’t work as a single etc. So THAT, and loads of shows!

You’ve been announced for Are You Listening? Festival this April, which is in conjunction with Reading Mencap! Are you excited? What made you want to take part?

Why wouldn’t we? It’s gonna be great!

Have you had much experience playing festivals? How do they compare to playing your own gigs?

Festivals are way more of a gamble, you never know what size the crowd is gonna be or if they’re gonna get you etc. But there are so many great things about playing the festival, it always feels like people are way more up for it.

What can audiences expect from a Bad Sounds gig?

We just want everyone to have a good time! The last few shows we did we hired a light up dance floor and got tonnes of balloons and spaghetti cannons, probs won’t get that onto a field though…

Who else are you excited to see at Are You Listening? 

Dream Wife OBVS!

You have quite a nostalgic sound, yet it manages to feel fresh. What sparked your love of baggy 80s/90s music?

To be honest some people have said that to us, but we really don’t have any baggy influence. I do like a lot of what people have showed me though, but the groove in our music that I think people are linking to baggy comes from our hip hop influence.

You update your own weekly new music playlist; is there anyone that you are excited about that should be on our radar?


Bad Sounds’ latest track ‘Meat On My Bones’ is available now. They play Are You Listening? Festival on Saturday 22nd April. Head here for more info.

Below the band pick some other animated videos that they find pretty awesome…

The White Stripes – ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’


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Gorillaz – ‘Clint Eastwood’

Madvillan – ‘All Caps’

ThisisDA – ‘The Sufferbus’

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – ‘Californication’

Peter Gabriel – ‘Sledgehammer’

Michael Jackson – ‘Leave Me Alone’

Daft Punk – ‘One More Time’

Peter, Bjorn and John – ‘Young Folks’