Artificial Pleasure are due to play their first ever live show later tonight (28th November) it’s sure to be a big night for everyone involved, but before they take off and launch themselves to the music masses, we thought we’d have a little chat with them and catch up on their journey so far… it’s been anything but boring.

Your first live show is Monday, 28th November supporting the brilliant Lea Porcelain at Electrowerkz, how excited are you?

We can’t wait to play with those guys, Out Is In is one of the best songs we’ve heard this year and there’re not many bands around like them. For us we’re just itching to play the songs live, we can finally release all that pent up energy.


You’re selling the free tickets through DICE, are you big supporters of DICE?
Yes, anything that makes it easier for people to see live music is a great thing.


Phil Taggart played ‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While on Radio 1, which is massive! How was it hearing your track on the radio?
Great, a bit surreal but great. That’s always something that happens to other people. Really nice to have that type of support at an early stage.


Tell us a bit more about the track, what’s the meaning behind the lyrics?
It’s mainly about the desire to let yourself go. There are times where we want to do something that people wouldn’t expect of us, just to do something different, to feel something completely different to what we’re going through, to forget about those feelings. When I wrote the song I just improvised the chorus and those lyrics stuck, the rest of the song was then written around that.
NME, The Guardian, and Stereogum have all massively rated I’ll Make It Worth Your While, was this a shock?
Oh yeah, that was really something for us. I think you should never expect anything but at the same time, you have to have complete faith in your music. Part of you has this idea that critics will savage your music but actually most of them are just music lovers who want to support good music.


Bolt From The Blue was also pretty great, can you tell us a bit more about that?
A blog recently described that song as cock-pop, which was interesting. I’d just bought a new fuzz pedal and when I played it, it sounded like a bolt of electricity, you know the type of blue ones that shoot out from tesla coils in horror films, usually when they’re trying to raise something from the dead, so that’s where the title came from. It’s really about how music is similar to religion, the way people commit to it, lose themselves in it and the way they come together to experience it.


For those who may not have listened to you yet, how would you describe your sound to them?
Pop. Aggressive, alternative pop


You’ve been compared to the likes of The 1975, is this something you were going for?
No but everyone has their own frame of references, if someone comparing us to The 1975 means that more people listen to the music then that’s fine by us. 


Do you have any strong influences when it comes to the creation of your music?
It tends to come from all over the place musically, I’ll hear a chord change I like, a drumbeat I heard in a petrol station, something you overhear from another room, a mistake I made on guitar etc. and sometimes it’s the equipment that dictates the creative process. You just collect these things and then call on them when the right song comes up. Artist wise, I suppose the main influences are Talking Heads, DAF, Roxy Music, Gang Of Four, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Can, Bowie, John Grant and Atlantic Soul records


What’s next after your first live show? Any EP plans?
We’ll be working on the video for ‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While’ which will be out in just over a week and then we’re playing in Tunbridge Wells on 3rd December, after that we’re back working in the studio. Early next year we’ll be releasing another single and then a UK tour.