Returning to illuminate the atmosphere with rays of positivity, Swim Deep’s ‘Emerald Classics’ features the band at peace

Armed with a new collection of numbers that will gear the band to the next level, Swim Deep’sEmerald Classics’ is due out October 4th through Pop Committee and Cooking Vinyl. Newly refurbished as a quintet, the past 4 years has seen the band go from strength to strength. 2015 saw the release of ‘Mothers’, a US tour with The 1975 in 2017 and now after a 2-year hiatus, they return with ‘Emerald Classics’. Birmingham born and bred, the vibrant indie scene is ever-growing and with Swim Deep’s upcoming album, there’s no stopping the 5-piece outfit. 

An orchestral introduction to the glistening album, ‘To Feel Good’ features a spoken word-gospel arrangement that stands as a big statement for the collective. Fuelled with positivity and hope, the album opener closes a door but opens up a whole new realm in the evolution of Swim Deep. Displaying their indie-pop nature, ‘0121 Desire’ inherits the band’s nostalgic sound while delivering a blank canvas to let your imagination go wild.

Bruised‘ lingers in a spacious atmosphere while rhythmical guitar melody creates momentum. It feels like a rollercoaster back to the 90’s where the brit-pop movement clearly had some sort of inspiration in Swim Deep’s career. ‘World I Share’ compliments an 80’s synth environment that feels influenced by The Pet Shop Boys. Missing some sort of storyline to the track itself and could do with another section to make it less predictable. Saying that, if you’re into a repetitive nature of a track, this is right up your street. ‘Father I Pray’ finds itself half way through the track. Finding it’s feet, there’s a sense of vulnerability in the vocals that makes you sympathise for this childlike character. 

Sail Away, Say Goodbye’ coats itself in a memorable blanket of pain. Addressing emotions of letting go of a loved one, the track feels like an end of an era but also embarking a new chapter. Rhythmically golden, the layers of instrumentation illustrates all the emotions at once. ‘Drag Queens in Soho’ rolls off the tongue easily with it’s way of telling a story. Fun natured and easy-loving, it’s a feel good number that takes lessons off Drag Queens in Soho. Inspirational with it’s message of ‘it’s ok to be different, just be true to yourself’, we need more tracks like this in today’s music.

Happy As Larrie’ radiates with happiness that can’t be ignored. Flowing through each track with great ease, the rays of positivity showcases how much the band have matured in their hiatus. If ‘Top Of The Pops’ isn’t number one when it’s released, there’s something wrong with the UK. Holding onto the indie-pop feel, the Pulp inspired number buries its head in a hazy atmosphere of love. ‘Never Stop Pinching Yourself’ finishes a killer album with a stripped down vibe to begin with, before building into another anthem of hope. Illustrating a ride of emotions across the spectrum, there’s songs in this album for anyone. 

You can catch the band on their UK tour:

4th October – Rough Trade East, London 

5th October – The Haunt, Brighton

6th October – The Globe, Cardiff

7th October – The Cluny, Newcastle Upon Tyne

8th October – Exchange, Bristol

9th October – The Loft, Winchester

10th October – O2 Academy 2, Leicester

11th October – District, Liverpool

13th October – Stereo, Glasgow

14th October – The Cluny, Newcastle Upon Tyne

15th October – The Wardrobe, Leeds

19th October – Band on the Wall, Manchester

20th October – The Bodega Social Club, Nottingham

21st October – Waterfront, Norwich

22nd October – The Salisbury Club, Cambridge

24th October – The Garage, London