Beneath the Eyrie clearly states the Pixies anticipated return is one that will sit near the front in the history books

Alternative rock legends Pixies resurface with a fresh face and a killer set of new anthems. With a whole lot of history as a band, the ride hasn’t been all roses. With the band disbanding in 1993 for 11 years, to 2013 when Kim Deal left, the reformation of the group came to a surprise for all of us. Produced by Tom Dalgety, “Beneath the Eyrie” is filled with a gothic presence that will let your imagination run wild. Clean and oozing with the finest creativity, the clouds of smoke that hover your head while listening may be there for a while. 

In The Arms Of Mrs. Mark Of Cain” kicks the album off in a straight forward Pixies manner. Securing the arrangement with aggressive percussion, the guitar’s shift a pulsating tempo to give it extra attitude that it needed. For an album opener, it guides the album strongly into the right direction. On Graveyard Hill” will cast a spell over your head, just like the ‘witch’ in the track. Infectious with it’s unforgettable lyrics, Black Francis and Paz Lenchantin’s vocals polish the gothic atmosphere like a traditional Pixies track would. 

Previously released “Catfish Kate” was delivered to the public the same time as ‘On Graveyard Hill’. Situated within grunge, the lyrics highlight a folk tale of a woman caught in the trap of a catfish. Wacky but strangely wonderful, the bizarre nature of this track absorbs you in even more to find out what happens to the woman. Just when you think the sound can’t get any darker, “This Is My Fate” happens. Featuring Black Francis owning a grit filled, rich vocal tone, the audience are took down a “valley of death”. It’s the type of track that would fit in a Tim Burton film with no hesitation. 

Ready For Love” may still hold onto the melancholiness of the album, but the darkness is blinded by love. Including repetitive lyrics, the track’s arrangement doesn’t follow any typical rule book. Just over half way, we’re blessed with a section that leaves a progressive feel on the number. Silver Bullet” gels an indie rock aura like a delicious cocktail that you can’t get enough of. Whereas the verses are hold onto the Western sound, the choruses erupt like a volcano that’s been waiting for years. A hard hitting track that ignites any negative flame. 

Genre-bending “Long Rider” is old school Pixies but with a vibrant new hat. There’s no doubt about it that this will be a hit at live shows. Picture it; a screaming guitar section, chord changes like no other and Black Francis vocals that soar through the atmosphere. Good news is that the Pixies are on tour (tour dates below). Paz takes lead on “Los Surfers Muertos” and the spacious vocal production fills the compacted number easily. As a tribute to a friend that passed while recording, the track is a fitting farewell to the friend while holding onto special memories. 

St. Nazaire” is a slight change of pace. Heavy and hearing the band in a new light, the track is an explosive message that the album is nowhere near finished yet. Post-punk meets psychobilly, it’s safe to say, this track is a pleasant surprise. Bird Of Prey” sets a tranquil tone of grassroots and it’s definitely needed after the electrifying nature of ‘St. Nazaire’. “Daniel Boone” switches the tone and showcases that the Pixies can simplify tracks into an acoustic element while electrifying the instrumentation. A beautiful bittersweet number.  Death Horizon” ends the album in an uplifting, melancholic way. That is a thing now, the Pixies have given it a new light.

A strong album that reminds us the Pixies aren’t going anywhere. Out tomorrow via Infectious/BMG Worldwide.

UK Tour Dates:

13/9 – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

16/9 – O2 Academy, Birmingham

17/9 – O2 Academy, Leeds

18/9 – O2 Apollo, Manchester

20/9 – Alexandra Palace, London

21/9 – O2 Academy, Newcastle Upon Tyne

22/9 – O2 Academy, Glasgow

23/9 – Usher Hall, Edinburgh

25/9 – Ulster Hall, Belfast