You’ve just released debut track ‘Light’, tell us a bit about it?

I was at a warehouse party in Ladbroke Grove where Andrew Ashong was DJing and I finally kissed a girl I’d liked for ages. He was playing some amazing music that led me to getting an uber home and writing Light at about 6am. It was all wrapped up and done by 9am and I sent it over to the girl in question. Luckily she liked it and we’re still together.

You have an EP of the same name coming out in September, what can we expect from that? Similar tracks to ‘Light’?

I spent the majority of my music writing career doing folk songs, even though I hated it, so it has been ridiculously liberating to write music I actually enjoy. I’d say it’s quite an eclectic mix of sounds but expect lots of J Dilla style drums and big bass lines!

You have your first live showcase at the Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch, how are you expecting the reaction to be?

I’m expecting my Mum to be right at the front screaming, my Dad at the bar and my friends to be forcing strangers to dance. (It should be fun).

Being based in London, how much of this do you think influences the music you make?

London is great for seeing gigs and meeting other musicians, but I would probably still be writing hip hop even if I lived in John O Groats.

You’re said to also have influences from the likes of Nick Drake to Burial, so clearly a variation, how much of each influences your work and in what way?

Lyrically I owe quite a lot to Nick Drake, he was a genius. Vocally, I get a lot of comparisons to Jeff Buckley and it’s true – I did spend my teenage life trying to imitate him. Burial’s Untrue is probably my favourite album of all time so there’s no way I couldn’t get any lo-fi vibes into my tunes.

How similar is the music you make to the music you listen to in your spare time?

I’d say it’s pretty similar. I am really proud of what I’ve created and would genuinely listen to it when I’m walking to Tesco’s for some milk on a Sunday morning. Either that or some Al Green.

You originally wrote the material for others to perform, what was it specifically that won you around to the idea of releasing the material yourself?

I think being a co-writer and producer lets you write music pretty regularly and with a purpose too – I’m far more likely to write and finish a song if I know it’s for someone else who’s got a manager/label on their backs! Obviously though a lot of songs don’t get used, or just sit on my hard drive, so I woke up one day and just said “hey you know what I’m gunna record them!”

Post EP launch, what’s next?

I’ve got lots of co-writing sessions on the go, so there’s that. But in terms of my own music I’m going to play a bunch of shows and then get settled in on another EP or album!