It’s all well and good us putting our (self-confessed) genius heads together to bring you lists of the best music of the year. But, it’s always interesting to find out what some of our favourite artists think too. So, we did you a solid and have cornered some of them to find out. First up we got hold of Youngr to find out what his Top 10 tracks of 2016 have been, so firstly listen to his recent track ‘Too Keen’ and then check out what he’s been loving this year.

Cassius – ‘Ibifornia’ 

Bruno Mars – ‘That’s What I Like’

Dan Croll – ‘Swim’ 

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – ‘Dark Necessities’  

Zed’s Dead + Charlotte OC – ‘Symphony’ 

Rulo – ‘Tu Misterio’ 

Chainsmokers Ft. Halsey – ‘Closer’ 

A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Melatonin’

Coldplay – ‘Everglow’ 

Alyssia Bonagura – ‘Road Less Travelled

You can also listen to Youngr’s top 10 selection over on our Spotify, below.