SUPER SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! It’s been absolutely killing us, keeping it to ourselves that Yonaka the exciting new band to have recently signed to Asylum/Atlantic Records, have joined the bill for our first Future Cuts showcase at The Finsbury TOMORROW (18th Feb). To spread the joy and excitement we had a little chat with them to find out what else they’ve been up to, all so you can get to know our newest Future Cuts addition.

You recently signed a record deal with Asylum/Atlantic Records; tell us a bit about that? Are you looking forward to working with a major label?

It was quite a surreal day, we signed a record deal and then played the worst show of our lives haha, quite ironic. We are very, very happy to be with this label, some really great people there, exciting things are being made.

You’ve been announced to play The Great Escape in your hometown alongside a multitude of great artists, how excited are you?

We love playing the Great Escape festival, so really excited to be on the bill again. It’s such a good vibe. The whole town goes mad for a few days and there’s lots of good music going on.

Do you have many other festivals in the pipeline?

We’ve got quite a few festivals for this year some big, some small. We are playing Reading and Leeds, Download, Truck etc. there are quite a few and hopefully more to come for the year.

What’s your ultimate festival/live performance goal?

Glastonbury would obviously be a massive high.

The video for ‘Drongo’ is pretty great, who was the driving force in the creation and direction?

Drongo video came out lovely, Aaron captured all the live stuff at our maddest show last year, so it’s a really nice video to watch back on. I think our live presence is quite special so the idea was to catch that on camera.

You’ve described your sounds as Dark Pop/alt rock, was this always the sound you were aiming for or has it evolved along with the band?

The sound just came out, I guess the main mix of genres are pop and rock within our music, I think the mixture of musical backgrounds put a special twist on the music. We are really proud of our sound and what we are doing is true, the more we write the better it gets.

Your tour last year looked pretty amazing, were there any particular high and low points of it, if so what are they?

Tours are getting better and better each time as the word starts to spread, The high of the last tour was the sold out London show for sure, losing some crowd surfing virginity that day. The low was probably the drive to Scotland which felt like 10 days in itself, we went to bingo when we got there, though… rock ‘n’ roll.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2017? Will we be getting another single soon?

Oh yes, 2017 is looking healthy for more music, singles are ready to be listened to and we can’t wait for them to be out! We are in Sheffield a lot recording with the badman Ross Orton we have a lot of ammo.