Kidz Bop, staying afloat, and providing a voice for the voiceless, we caught up with homemade pop star Elliot Lee and found out some more about what motivates and inspires her

Elliot Lee has been gradually working into the hearts and ears of thousands with her quirky and innovative take on alternative pop. Her music is a stark and honest, providing candid accounts of her struggles and hardships. The mixture of unique, innovative music and hard-hitting, truthful lyrics is what truly sets Elliot apart.

Her homemade tunes are not only radio-ready, but also provide a solace and a sense of comfort for people dealing with issues similar to those that the young artist has faced. This is music that is raw, brutally honest, and above all packed with fun, pop sensibilities. An artist as inspired and thoughtful as this is seldom without a captivating back-story, so we had a chat with Elliot Lee in order to expose a little more behind the artist and her music.

Who TF is Elliot Lee?

Elliot Lee is a confused girl who is doing her best to fight her way through life and pull her friends out of the dark along with her. 

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been singing and playing instruments in my free time since I was a little girl, but I didn’t really write my own music until the end of 2016 when things got bad for me. 

Why do you make music?

Songwriting has been a way for me to vent during the loneliest times of my life. When I started college I thought it would be a chance to restart my life and make sure it unfolded the way I wanted it to, but very quickly I was making all of the same mistakes and facing all of the same hardships and my world grew really heavy all at once. I secluded myself and went back to my old habits of being my own best friend, and with no other outlet I also became my own shoulder to cry on via songwriting.

The first song I ever finished was called ‘A Note’ and it had the line “I’m sorry, you try to hold me tighter but I am not a fighter”. It was supposed to be a suicide note but in writing it I found more life than I ever thought possible. I’ve now found renewed purpose in making music that not only helps me but also helps other kids who are like me. 

What are your biggest influences?

The Kidz Bop CD with Boulevard of Broken Dreams is the reason I am who I am, no joke. I laid in my bed as a little kid and cried to that CD for days. 

What would you say has been your best moment so far?

Every time I meet a fan and they tell me I’ve helped them or inspired them in any way, it makes me feel like the most lucky person alive. Thank you guys for staying afloat and pulling me along with you. 

What do you want people to take away from your music?

You aren’t alone, and your voice deserves to be heard.  

What’s your dream “I’ve made it” moment?

I already felt that when I got my first message from someone telling me I helped them through a dark time. Knowing there are people out there who take the time to listen to what I make and breathe life into my music by using it to stay afloat is enough for me. 

You just recently released your latest single ‘Dirt’, what’s the story behind this track?

When my career was first gaining momentum, I visited LA to work with some people who claimed that they could help me get more studio sessions. I ended up being paired with ghost writers, which is something I never wanted to do anyway, and they invalidated me and my path as a voice for the voiceless. They told me “no one really listens to lyrics anyway” and messed with my message in a way that removed all of the meaning. I wrote Dirt to distance myself from that experience and vent it out of my system – and also to warn everyone in the industry about me so it doesn’t happen again.

You’ve been gradually releasing singles for just over a year now, what is the general plan going forward?

I plan to keep releasing music and art and working toward getting heard by everyone. I want to just enjoy the process of creating and sharing my music, I never want to be pushed in a direction that makes my music feel like a chore. 

What should people expect from an Elliot Lee live show?

I jump around like crazy and yell a lot more than you’d expect! I’m a ball of energy on stage, and I really like to catch inattentive people off guard by looking into their eyes and singing directly to them. My drummer, Cris, and I really love to rock. 

And finally, who is your biggest fan right now?

My little brothers get that title for sure. They know every one of my songs, even the throwaways.

Dirt is available now.