With an Abbey Road session, a new record deal and a brand new single all recently emerging, we caught up with Glass Peaks in the midst of one of the most exciting times of the trios young career

Glass Peaks are a band that have been on our radar for quite some time now. With their unique and often subtly textured brand of indie rock, they look consistently on the cusp of breaking out and becoming a different beast entirely.

2019 has seen the outfit continue to make further strides forward with the gradual release of huge singles ‘Misery’, ‘Traffic’ and the brand new ‘Asbestos’. This year has also seen the outfit take to the mythical Abbey Road studios, announce an intimate hometown show at St Pancras Old Church (tickets here), and sign to These Bloody Thieves records.

While caught in such a wildly exciting time, we figured there would be no better time to catch up the trio, and find out a little more about the past, the present and the future of Glass Peaks.

Who TF are Glass Peaks?

Alf: Glass Peaks are the future of Alt/Indie music. We’re the new, new romantics with added fuzz and dirt.

Jake: Three lads who make music they love while smashing 100 beers every gig.

 How long have you been making music?

Alf: I think individually, we’ve been making music since we were super young; it’s always been in our bones like. As a band, we’ve been making music together for about three years. Three very fun, wild and sometimes testing years.

Jake: I got my first guitar age 5 and been making a racket ever since. But it was when i heard BB KING for the first time i really felt music and knew that’s what i want to do.

Grant: I’ve always loved music but only got into writing and playing properly in the latter stages of school.

 Why do you make music?

Alf: For me, other than the cliched enjoyment of the artistic expression in music; It’s a huge release and ultimately like a sense of therapy. Also, it’s kind of the only thing I’ve ever been any good at, really! I’ve got nothing else, so if this doesn’t work out I’m absolutely fucked.

Jake: It’s fun and I love trying to express my thoughts and feelings through a guitar part. I’m really interested in how music can effect your mood. So within 1 song my aim is to take people through a roller-coaster of feelings.

Grant: It’s very liberating. Any emotion you have or any insecurity you can exorcise it with music. Creating something is the most therapeutic thing in the world.

What are your biggest influences?

Alf: Musically; Radiohead, Foals, Beach House, Palace to name a few. Aside from that, I’m influenced by romance, addiction and a relentless lust for life. I like to move at a fast pace and I don’t really have an off-switch; which is evidenced in some of our music. There’s a beautiful chaos to quite a lot of it.

Jake: Guitarists like BB King and Hendrix inspired me to pick up a guitar but it was Foals, Maccabees, Bombay, Radiohead who really made my sound.

Grant: My music taste is very varied. My playlist goes from Pearl Jam to Spice Girls in one fell swoop, but I’m influenced by anything and everything. Having an open mind to anything only broadens your spectrum for creativity.

 What would you say has been your best moment so far?

Alf: As a band? There have been so many, however, opening up for a band like White Lies, whom we’re great fans of, was a very special moment for us.

Jake: Playing Isle Of Wight Festival was pretty special.

Grant: I’d have to agree with Jake. Watching England win 6-1 after our set was pretty sweet also.

 What do you want people to take away from your music?

Alf: I want people to feel something with our music. I want it to guide people through the emotional mazes in their minds, or at least give them solace and comfort whilst they’re navigating. Once our music is released to the world, it belongs to the people, so I want them to take whatever they want from it. Whatever makes their existence brighter and more wholesome (or downright debaucharous).

What’s your dream “I’ve made it” moment?

Alf: There are so many venues I want to play in and tick off of the bucket list. There are so many incredible bands I want to tour and share experiences with. I think I’ll know we’ve made it when I’m laying in a tour bus bunk, driving across the States, kicking Grant in the back whilst he’s trying to play his GameBoy. I can actually hear him now “Stop it, I’m trying to catch a Bulbasaur!”

Jake: When we get a Nandos black card.

Grant: Waking up spooning Jake every morning.

 You just dropped your latest single ‘Asbestos’, can you give us a more in-depth scoop on the track?

Alf: Sure thing. It’s an anti-love song. It’s a song that talks about the fragile truth of realising that the dying embers of a relationship are flicking out. There is still a warm, resonant glow of love and admiration buried somewhere deep inside, but the spark has died. I suppose that would sum it up a bit. Asbestos references the hazardous substance that can lay dormant in your body for years before you notice the effects on the body. I found that quite dark and disturbing, like, if you expose yourself to the intensity of loving and adoring someone, you’re always at risk of that same emotion being able to destroy you in the future. Essentially, the song is quite bleak. Like much of the subject matter in the Glass Peaks songbook.

 You’ve also been blessed with the opportunity to record a live version of the track at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, how can you summarise that experience?

Alf: It was incredible. Like truly stunning. That building is like a rare gem, the internal spaces are pretty much untouched, everything is still as it was when all of your favourite, classic albums were created there. It’s weird, but I’ve never really had the experience of feeling a space before I went to Abbey Road. It’s magical.

Jake: A magical experience. What a building, full of history.

 These are thoroughly exciting times for Glass Peaks, what else does the near future hold for the band?

Alf: We’re writing a lot at the moment, we’re still very much an independent band so we’re taking it all in our stride. In the immediate future, we’re gearing up for more live shows including an intimate London headline date at St Pancras Old Church in January 2020. We’re also looking forward to releasing more music with These Bloody Thieves Records and working on expanding the whole Glass Peaks operation. We’ve been trucking on for the past three years and we’re more motivated than ever.

Jake: Big shows, big tunes & big nights out. To be honest as long as we keep having fun and making music we love I’m a happy man.

And finally, who is your biggest fan right now?

Alf: Not trying to big us up too much but it’s probably Dizzee Rascal. He literally saved us on Spotify when we met him at Abbey Road and drove away in his Ferrari bumping our tunes. So yeah… Probably him. If not, It’s most definitely my mum.

Jake: ME.

Grant: My dog Coco, unless the barking while our songs are on isn’t a good thing.


Asbestos is available now via These Bloody Thieves Records