Reports are in that the music industry is looking for ways to use copyright on music featured in games such as Fortnite.

Fortnite has simply took over the world this year and if you don’t know what it is, then where have you been? Have you been leaving under a rock? With hundreds of millions registered all round the globe, it was revealed that artists are looking for ways to get royalties from music featured in the game. 

Let’s say artists do get royalties from Fortnite, imagine how different the music industry would become. All the players would be listening to the tracks and the exposure the musicians would get would be absolutely crazy. It was revealed in April that streaming actually makes up almost 50% of the music industry’s profit. 

Building up sources through music royalty avenue, PRS currently license YouTube, so can you just imagine if they licensed games globally? The advantages that would bring musicians, especially unsigned ones would be immensely rewarding. 

With all this in the pipelines, keep your eyes out on social media for any more updates regarding Fortnite.