It hasn’t been long since we spoke with the fantastic VŌS, but with their latest track ‘Tide’ blowing us away, we had to catch up with them.

Keep reading to hear about covers, collaboration, up and coming artists and moooooore (including a great playlist of their favourite electronic and alt-pop acts!)


Can you tell us about your latest single ‘Tide’?

Tide is a song about bridging the gulf between two people who for a short time were inseparable. We’ve also released the song with a B-Side “Wait” which matches Tide perfectly inverting the mood, and telling a story of separation as one person’s path takes them further from the heart of another.


You’ve covered both Anne-Marie and Drake recently, what is it about these artists/songs which you drew you to cover the tracks?

I love Anne Marie’s vocals in general, and the lyrics of ‘Peak’ spoke to me so much that I wanted to do my own version of it. Around the time Drake was touring I went to watch him play and loved the new album so we decided it would be fun to do our own take.


Who or what inspires you right now?

Life experience is mainly what inspires us, though it’s mostly about boys, haha! We both love finding new artists but also draw on inspiration from the golden oldies too.



If you could collaborate with one band/artist, who would it be and what would the product sound like?

Stormzy, because he’s been releasing ridiculous music from day one, and is currently taking over the world as an independent artist with his own label. Sound wise it would be a cool merge of Alternative-Grime, mixing the VŌS sound with his words.


Are there any other up and coming artists you are excited to hear more from?

We’ve both seen Bonzai play a couple of times and she’s awesome, crazy unique but relatable and cool. Also some friends of ours called WOWH are making waves, caught them at Glastonbury and they rocked it. You can find both in our playlist that we created for you guys 🙂


We’ve loved your first three tracks, what can we expect from you next?

We’re going to be playing as many gigs as possible and releasing some more new songs that we’re really excited about, so keep your ears peeled! (That’s a thing right?)