The Californian singer-songwriter takes on our Very. Important. Questions…

Does space-infused Americana sound pretty interesting? What even is space-infused Americana, anyway? Get acquainted with Grace Inspace and you’ll understand precisely what it entails.

Melding cutely naive synth tones with psychedelic guitars and an otherworldly aura, Grace’s sound encapsulates the best of independent and inventive pop around right now. Take a listen to her latest single ‘Paradise Syndrome’ to get a taste of what we mean, Grace perfectly encapsulating that feeling of being both anxiously alienated and in awe of life through a charismatic lens.

Her debut EP, last year’s Lady Grace’s Apocalyptic Kitchen, Vol. 1 is even more energetically bonkers, so who wouldn’t want to learn more about the intergalactic pop star? Well you’re in luck, as she takes a pit stop to answer our Very. Important. Questions…

What was the first song that you remember loving as a child?

‘Black Dog’ by Led Zeppelin was my first love; lots of home videos of me going full exorcist to that track.

Who was your biggest musical icon at the age of twelve?

Led Zeppelin were still ruling my universe by twelve. I wanted to sing, dress and smell like Robert Plant.

What was the title of the first song you wrote and what was it about?

The first proper song I wrote was called ‘Mrs Sunflower’, about a woman leaving her claustrophobic suburban life and taking her kids on a cross country adventure. I was twelve and melodramatic beyond my years.

What was the first album that you remember buying?

MGMT’s Ocular Spectacular was my first solo discovery quickly followed by Beck’s entire discography.

What was the first gig you went to?

My Dad took me to see shaman king Iggy Pop and my brain exploded all over the venue walls. Still the best concert I’ve ever been to.

What is your favourite song (ever)?

‘Ripple’ by the Grateful Dead, it’s my family’s anthem.

What song are you loving most right now?

‘Waiting Room’ by Fugazi, that bass line makes me feel like a super-villain.

You have one last meal on Earth: starter, main, dessert – what would it be?

Sushi to start, then my vegan roast dinner and to finish a Matilda-esque chocolate cake with my weed infused frosting.

What’s your go-to soft drink?

Oatly’s chocolate milk

And alcoholic beverage

The tears of right wing politicians.

Sweet or savoury?


Which Spice Girl are you?


What was your biggest fear when you were younger?


Have you overcome it?

Not even slightly, I still eat raw garlic every night before bed to ward off potential vampires and potential boyfriends.

What is your most embarrassing memory?

I’m embarrassed to tell you how embarrassed I feel almost all the time.

Who would play you in a film of your life?

Brad Pitt – Legends of the Fall era.

If you could be in a tribute act/band, who would you be and why?

I’d be the plant-esque front man of a Led Zeppelin tribute, so I can get a perm and do his banshee hollers. However, if Dead and Company come calling, I’ll drop everything and everyone

Tell us about a time where you did something you probably shouldn’t…

I never do anything I shouldn’t, I’m very good and very boring.

Grace Inspace’s latest single ‘Paradise Syndrome’ and debut EP Lazy Grace’s Apocalyptic Kitchen, Vol. 1 is available now.