The Helsinki trio knuckle down to take our VIQs…

You may know them from their stellar recent single ‘Drains’ which we loved (if you missed it, we covered it, and you should really get acquainted!), but feelswithcaps had us so enamoured that we had to find out more…

So we grabbed Sofi Meronen of the Helsinki trio to tell us all about fears, tribute bands and the music of her youth (hint: there’s a boy band or two)

What was the first song that you remember loving as a child?

M-People’s ‘Search for the Hero’! We used to listen to their album in the car with my family and I loved this song. I sang along with nonsense lyrics ’cause my English wasn’t very good (I was like five).

Who was your biggest musical icon at the age of twelve?

Twelve? Oh gosh, I was thirteen when I discovered Incubus so who could it have been… Well, at least Darude and Backstreet Boys were on repeat!

What was the title of the first song you wrote and what was it about?

Ah, I wrote this song when I was five. Again, I sang it in the car until my sister told me to shut the hell up. Roughly translated, the lyrics went like this: “Where does it grow? Where does it grow? The invisible tree that I once saw”. No idea where that came from.

What was the first album that you remember buying?

My parents bought me all my Hanson and Backstreet Boys CD’s. The first one I remember buying is Blue’s One Love. Looks like I was big into boy bands!

What was the first gig you went to?

Haha, that was also Backstreet Boys when I was nine. It was amazing, there was this box right in front of us and we were wondering what it was. And when the show started the Boys rose up – on floating skateboards – from the box! I sang along to all the songs.

What is your favourite song (ever)?

I must say ‘Dig’ by Incubus, I listened to it so much as a teenager and it comforted me. I still listen to it when I feel like I need a musical hug.

What song are you loving most right now?

This artist called Mio’s Mountain has just released her first EP which is so good, and I love the song ‘Everyday Messiah’.

You have one last meal on Earth: starter, main, dessert – what would it be?

Lol, what a question! Umm… Starter could be some nice olives. Kettle’s balsamic vinegar crisps for sure. Main – vegan bolognese pasta bowl with lots of ketchup. As a side I’d take this pomelo salad I’ve had in Bangkok. Dessert would be some perfectly ripe mango.

What’s your go-to soft drink? 

I never really have them. Is coconut water a soft drink?

And alcoholic beverage?

Wine. If I could choose one alcoholic drink for life I think it’d be red wine.

Sweet or savoury?

Savoury. Always!!

Which Spice Girl are you? 

Mixture of Sporty and Scary?! BTW my friend said I’d get five euros if I replied “none of those fuckers”… Lol.

What was your biggest fear when you were younger? 

I stayed at my cousin’s house when I was five and I couldn’t sleep and they let me watch Bold and the Beautiful. In the episode they were in some laboratory, put some green goo in the microwave, left it there for too long and it exploded. After that I tiptoed to our kitchen in the middle of the night every night for a long time to check if the oven was on.

Have you overcome it?

Yes, thankfully I don’t have to do that anymore. I’m in charge of my own oven!

What is your most embarrassing memory? 

I hosted a party once, and was having some deep conversation with two friends from uni, and then I farted (a silent killer) and the guys went all silent because it was real bad.

Who would play you in a film of your life?

I’d love it if it was Jemima Kirke!

If you could be in a tribute act/band, who would you be and why?

Woah… I’d be a drummer in a band that would play all my favourite tunes from my teenage emo years (Saosin, Funeral for a Friend, Killswitch Engage, Deftones and all that)!

Tell us a time where you did something you probably shouldn’t…

Fell in love in spite of a thousand warning signs and ended up with my heart in as many pieces. But sometimes you can’t help it! And I’ve built an even nicer and stronger heart with all of those pieces.
Also little things I do all the time. Put my tea mug on top of a washer that’s on and it ends up flying on the floor. Try and balance a tea mug on my stomach lying down and it ends up falling all over my bed. Quite a lot of stuff with tea mugs.
‘Drains’ is available now.