Unleashing their latest single ‘Cut It’ on the world, BABYTEETH sit down with us for the next instalment of our Very. Important. Questions.

Swiftly slashing chords, BABYTEETH have become an addictively punk-infused delicacy that we just had to explore further.  Since previously working with them in our Blogtober special in 2017 (whew where’s the time gone!?) BABYTEETH have released a series of dark, glistening singles since, including ‘Cocoon’ and their most recent offering ‘Cut It’ with artist YAYOI KUSAMA inspiring the accompanying music video.



A band like this has certainly got to have some pretty interesting likes and dislikes right?! So we sat down with Sam, Eilidh, Samantha, Rio and Camilla to bring you the very best of BABYTEETH vs our very important questions.

What was the first song that you remember loving as a child?

Sam: Call Me Al

Eilidh: Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones

Samantha: Groove is in the heart

Rio: 3 little pigs by Green Jelly

Camilla: Probably my mum playing Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.


Who was your biggest musical icon at the age of twelve?

Sam: Liam Gallagher

Rio: Stevie Nicks/ Ritchie Blackmore

Eilidh: Jimmy Page

Camilla: Kurt Cobain


What was the title of the first song you wrote and what was it about?

Sam: Can’t remember the name but it was about a girl who dumped me. She felt my wrath in the form of a CD-R.

Camilla: There’s a recording of me aged three, writing a song on a ukulele about my sweet Grandma making me eggs. The first one I remember writing down was a heavy metal song about the different parts of the body when I was about ten.

Rio: I wrote a song about a bee’s nest called…Bee’s nest.

Eilidh: Bare Naked Ladies’ about bare, naked ladies.


What was the first album that you remember buying?

Sam: Straight Outta Compton. My mum confiscated it.

Rio: Hmmm. Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti.

Eilidh: Can’t remember the album, but my first tape was ‘Believe’ by Cher

Camilla: Some kind of Punk compilation called “1977” I think.


What was the first gig you went to?

Rio: Status Quo

Eilidh: B*Witched

Samantha: Aerosmith. Had a nosebleed the whole way through.

Camilla: Oasis


What is your favourite song (ever)?

Rio: Sensual world by Kate Bush/ Pisces Babies by Fox. Both the most mystical sounds to ever enter the ears.

Eilidh: ‘Tracks of my tears’ by Smokey Robinson

Camilla: Eurgh, too hard to choose. Maybe Violet by Hole or I know it’s Over by The Smiths.


What song are you loving most right now?

Rio: I just love to give my legs a good work out by running from all my problems and responsibilities.

Eilidh: Your mum. (we love your mum too)

Camilla: Eilidh and Rio missed the word “song” haha. I’m digging Sunflower by Vampire Weekend this week. It’s completely nuts. Also, I’d like to eat Ezra Koenig for breakfast.

Samantha: King Kunta. I wanna marry Kendrick be Samantha Lamar.


You have one last meal on Earth: starter, main, dessert – what would it be?

Rio: Tacos, tacos, tacos

Camilla: I’d trick death by ordering so much food, that I’d have to keep eating forever. Deathly Hallows: Food edition.

Eilidh: Chips to start, tacos for dinner, cereal for dessert


What’s your go-to soft drink?

Sam: I’m a sugar-free Red Bull man myself. Can’t be falling asleep can ya.

Rio: RIO

Eilidh: Love a wee fizzy pop Fanta.

Samantha: Water innit.

Camilla: Orange juice.


And alcoholic beverage?

Samantha: Anything and everything.

Rio: Tequila and Whiskey

Camilla: Bourbon, neat one ice cube.

Eilidh: Tequila.

Sam: Nah, Eilidh and I prefer gin with lukewarm tap water. It’s our 4am special.


Sweet or savoury?

Rio: Sweet.

Eilidh: Savoury.

Camilla: Both at the same time.


Which Spice Girl are you?

Rio: Diabilta Spice.

Camilla: Angry Spice.

Eilidh: Scottish Spice.

Samantha: Silly Spice.

Camilla: Sam can be Penis Spice, ‘cos no one else in the band has one.


What was your biggest fear when you were younger?

Sam: Biggest fear was being abducted by aliens. I’ve fully overcome it. I actively encourage it now, come and get me you big-eyed dickheads.

Rio: Losing my memory and dignity. Thanks to alcohol I’ve managed to overcome those fears.

Eilidh: Spiders. Haven’t overcome it.

Camilla: My life being pointless and insignificant. Still absolutely terrified I’ll never live up to my own expectations.


What is your most embarrassing memory?

Rio: Too many to mention.

Eilidh: One doesn’t stand out. Maybe that means I have them all the time.

Camilla: We’d be here all night if I tried to list them.

Samantha: My swimsuit split on holiday. I’d been walking up and down the beach with my entire bum out.


Who would play you in a film of your life?

Rio: Pocahontas

Camilla: I was gonna say that too!

Eilidh: The Rock with a blonde ponytail stuck to his big bald head and a Scottish accent.


If you could be in a tribute act/band, who would you be and why?

Eilidh: AC/DC
Samantha: I’d be Eminem. My rapping is amazing, gimme a Gin and I’ll show you.

Camilla: Should probably be No Doubt, as everyone keeps saying I sound like Gwen Stefani.


Tell us about a time where you did something you probably shouldn’t…

Rio: Got involved with the Cartel.

Eilidh: I love my mum and dad too much to say.

Camilla: It always starts with me not being able to keep my massive gob shut…