Fusing a black and white visual, Shadowlark’s Huntress will leave you wanting more from the trio

Shadowlark comprise of Ellen Smith, Chris Quick and James Warrender. As a young 3-piece based in Leeds, Shadowlark return with the highly elevating ‘Huntress’. Combining their fascination of synths and introspective pop music, the trio uplift any nature with their raw, emotive compositions. Including a powerhouse vocal range from lead singer Ellen, the band find themselves weaving through mazes to capture their true pure sound. Now back with an exclusive into the video for their recent single ‘Huntress’, the visual is spell-binding. 

“The last video we had for ‘Bleed My Heart’ was pretty dark and cinematic, so this time we wanted something a lot more personal. We’re all quite private people and aren’t massive fans of the camera, but we had our friend Andy Little come along to the studio and capture some stuff. Vada is so beautiful, and having someone close to you come and film everything unfolding naturally is much nicer than having to pretend. I think that’s what we’re about really.”  – Shadowlark

Based in black and white to bring out the emotive language, the visuals see the band record the track in a studio. Even though the idea feels like it’s done many times before, the way that Shadowlark portray this arrangement is still bewitching. Glued to the screen, the ever enchanting number blankets over the video to create a perfect gift. Featuring a polished camera and one that’s quite vintage, the video feels like we’ve travelled back in time. Filmed by Andy Little at Vada Studios, the beautiful visual is a dream.