One Eleven’s “American” ignites the flames in the haunting duo’s new gothic-inspired music video

Dropped two days ago by the London duo One Eleven, “American” now has it’s own gothic-inspired music video. Described as their latest instalment into their lo-fi dark music “it’s a love song, an exorcism. Drawn from a variety of sources, things lived, it’s a modern ballad on an ancient subject” stated the duo. As for the song, it features Fyah on vocals and Ollie on guitar. Let’s take a step behind the scenes of the music video.

Haunting and inspired by Copolla’s Dracula, the visuals for the new number set a shadow over the track like a villain lingering it’s prey. Dark and moody, the video was shot and directed by the band’s photographer/visual artist Ivar Wigan. Set in the highlands of Scotland, there’s a sense of witchcraft within the props of the scenes. From their image to the sinister production, the broody atmosphere they’ve created through the visuals are enchanting to say the least. Engulfed in flames, the photo of the duo that burns at the end ignites a spark that these two are set to light up the world with their melancholic music. 

Listen to the single out now and music video which drops tomorrow worldwide.