The Swedish pop sensation gets intimate in the video for her latest single…

She may have only just debuted ‘Blossom’, but Molly Hammar is hot on its heels with the brand new video for her new effort.

Seamlessly merging contemporary pop with an undercurrent of R&B, the track holds skittish beats and bassy notes at its core, all overlaid with emotive keys and Hammar’s breathlessly intimate vocal. The video is suitably vivid, flitting from darkened chambers to open fields. Colour after colour, Hammar’s latest outing carries a sensual nostalgia. It marks the first release from her forthcoming EP, SEX, set for release on June 15th.

Like an increasing number of female popstars, Hammar is not afraid to talk about sex. “Many women are singing about sex, but almost every time it’s to please the male gaze and very few are willing to go all the way,” she says of ‘Blossom’s feminist undercurrent. “I wanted to sing about sex in a completely uninhibited way and encourage people to have more sex and not fret to talk about it.

”With this video I’m letting everybody take a peek inside my world and show [them] what my fantasy looks like. I wanted to express that even if there’s a man that tickles those thoughts and feelings sometimes, ultimately I am my own sexual fantasy. ”

Molly Hammar’s single ‘Blossom’ is available now. Her new EP SEX will be released 15th June on Cosmos Music.