The left-field artist is back with the cinematic video for her most recent single…

It’s only two thirds done, but Grace Inspace has had a very busy 2018. The left field indie pop artist has been making waves with her quick succession of singles including the grungey rock tones of her debut ‘Tame Teens’, the quirky pop stomp of ‘Watersource’ and the summery sentimentality of ‘Go Slow’ (which was snuck out mere days ago!)

But before that came ‘Uncertain, CA’, an understated and laidback number that shows a completely different side to the Californian native. The tropical smatter of steel drums add a touch of nostalgia to the track, which sees Grace flex her flawlessly dextrous vocal as she ruminates on the bittersweet nature of her habitat.

Echoing the annual Californian wildfires, the video for ‘Uncertain, CA’ showcases the tempestuous nature of the state which can be immersive and exciting, yet equally eat you alive. Capturing a snapshot of moments, Grace lets down her creative bravado for a more intimate insight into what makes her tick both personally and as an artist. As the summer comes to a wane, ‘Uncertain, CA’ is the soundtrack to your reminiscence.

“The ‘Uncertain, CA’ video works like a collage; I wanted to juxtapose personal footage collected over my time in California with footage of the disasters that plague it,” shares Grace of the creative process. “Skating and surfing with fires and earthquakes. It’s almost like the magic of California is synonymous with its uncertainty, you have to be comfortable in the apocalyptic vision it often teeters on to become a true Californian.

“I wanted it to look like a home movie, all shot on my iPhone: rough around the edges and bittersweet. There’s melancholy in the song and melancholy in the video, but ultimately the sentiment is optimistic, just like the state it’s an ode to.”

‘Uncertain, CA’ is taken from Grace Inspace’s debut EP Apocalyptic Kitchen vol.1which is available now.