Turn that frown upside down with Beatific’s latest offering, a video to highlight their latest work ‘Smile Dangerous’

Bringing you up to speed, Beatific is the musical project of award-winning composer, producer and sound designer Elad Marish. Gaining support from artist and producer Jeremy Black, Beatific became a reality that the pair thought they would only dream of. Blossoming into a luscious amount of themes, their trademark subject travels through the concept of love and trauma. Due to release an upcoming EP, the next chapter is soon to brighten up anyone’s dark days and ‘Smile Dangerous’ showcases the duo are set to become huge. 

“The second single from our upcoming Sunshine EP explores themes of sex, lust, and attraction. Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass meet’s Justice’s DVNO. Where yin meets yang.” – Elad Marish

As a whole, the track highlights itself in a dance-pop arrangement. The video seems like something you’d see in a remake of Dirty Dancing or Flashdance. With a use of dull colours, the visual of the song brings a vibrant energy while the main character dances around a laundrette. Armed with the ingredients of being an addictive video that you’ll stick on repeat, it just happens that the song is simply killer too. Sleazy and contagious in all the right places, it’s a triumph debut for the two piece.