Hi Victors, so first off give me a little context to the band. How do you all know each other and when did you start to make music as a unit?  

Throughout their teenage years, Harry (vocals/guitar) and Alex (drums) had played in different bands together but constantly remained together. Eventually, two of the other members left the band for university, leaving Harry and Alex alone. After searching online, they came across myself (Simon – guitar/synth) as I was advertising myself as an available musician looking for a band in Leeds. As Harry and Alex already had another guitarist in mind for the new formation of the band, I was asked if I would play bass.

I agreed because I would rather play bass in a band that was doing something, rather than be a guitarist in a band that wasn’t doing anything. We met up, hit it off straight away and began playing together. We landed on the name “Victors” and began writing songs. However, before we had gotten to play our first show together, our guitarist left. At that point I insisted that I become the lead guitarist and we would then find a bass player. After almost a year of trying out different musicians, Dom (bass/synth) approached us online and the rest is history…      

You’re Leeds based and the city is known for having a vibrant and exciting music scene, how has it been coming through that circuit? Has the support been fairly good at shows and venues? 

As a band starting out in 2015, we’ve had the best opportunities playing a variety of great venues with a mixture of incredible bands. Leeds is a great place to get your music out there, new music is welcomed and encouraged and we have been lucky enough to have an overwhelming reaction to our performances so far. We were able to start building a strong following and make a name for ourselves. We were even fortunate enough to perform on the main stage at Leeds Pride in front of 10,000 people in the summer. This inspired us to play bigger, better shows come 2016.

For new and emerging bands it is a lot easier to share your music with prospective listeners and fans via sites such as Soundcloud/Bandcamp. Do you feel its easier to get your music heard without the need for major label or is the market becoming over-satured? 

Definitely, social media has been the main platform for us to develop a fanbase and share our music and upcoming shows. Now everyone can upload their music to the internet and the whole world has access to it. But with that comes a lot of competition, therefore we aim to be completely original and unique in our own right whilst maintaining a commercial value. 

There are many radio stations that are more than happy to play upcoming unsigned bands so that has supported us multiple times. At the beginning of 2016, BBC Radio Leeds were kind enough to invite us to come in and play stripped back versions of our songs live on the air, which was met with a humbling response.

Obviously as a band you function brilliantly as a unit, are your personal tastes in music as harmonious or do you all have pretty wide, opposing tastes? Is anybody ever trying to sneak a Spice Girls single onto the band playlist? 

First of all, who doesn’t love the Spice Girls? I would say we all listen to and come from very different musical backgrounds, however we do have a lot in common in terms of our taste in music. We love everything from Jazz, Metal, Rock and Indie to House, RnB, Pop and Alternative.

You have a notably original sound that is hard to compare to contemporaries, who would you say are your biggest influences as a band both past and present? 

We have a variety of influences from a wide range of artists such as Two Door Cinema Club, The xx, The 1975, The Killers, Bombay Bicycle Club, Michael Jackson, Foals, Maroon 5, Tame Impala and many more. Despite the inspiration we get from such artists, we aim to have an original style, write music that we enjoy and have an instantly recognisable sound. Our songs range from Pop/Dance music with elements of 80’s guitar vibes to atmospheric, ambient, electronic pieces with House inspired percussion and samples.

Festival season is right around the corner, what do you have lined up for this year? And aside from Glasto’s Pyramid, are there any festivals or stages you would really love to play in the future? 

There are SO many festivals that we are aching to play such as Leeds/Reading, Secret Garden Party, Beacon, the list goes on. We’re planning on heading out of Leeds and exploring other cities this year so you’ll have to wait and see.

You’ve just released ‘Tonight’, tell us a little more about that track and how it came about?

Lyrically, “Tonight” was written from personal experiences about past relationships (as most songs are). It’s a cinematic tale of a relationship gone toxic, resulting in a one night stand. Musically, the song took many different forms as it was developed over a long period of time. During production, it was the first time we had properly experimented with incorparating electronic synth parts with the Pop/Rock genre. Since then, we have continued to progress as a Pop/Electronic band. 

Finally, after summer has finished. Will we be seeing you back on the road across the rest of the UK? As your fanbase is expanding rapidly outside of Leeds. 

That’s definitely the plan! We love playing in and around Leeds but now we feel that it’s time to branch out a bit more. We’ve played multiple venues in Manchester, Scarborough and London. However, our music has already been played in several countries around the world like America, Japan and Egypt so we couldn’t think of anything better than being able to travel to those places.