From Annie Mac to Grey’s Anatomy, mysterious duo Weslee talk 2017 and steamy single ‘Bathwater’

Electronic duo Weslee are quite the enigma to say that they have been causing such a stir on the blogosphere. Obscuring their faces with bulbous jelly lips may be a jovial alternative to the de rigueur lurking in the shadows, but they take their unique concoction of music seriously – and most recent single ‘Bathwater’ sure is singular. Steamy is an understatement, it’s purely intoxicating. The pair took a pitstop from their work to shed some light on themselves and their music…

You’ve only two tracks online currently but you’ve been getting support from the likes of Annie Mac, Mista Jam and Danny Howard! How does it feel to have such names behind you so early on?

To have anyone listen and praise your music is really amazing, i think adding the likes of Annie Mac, Mista Jam and Danny Howard is like extra sugary icing on the cake, or would be like a stranger walking up to you and handing you a fresh dozen (that’s donuts fyi!)

We’re in love with ‘Bathwater’ – what was inspiring you when you were writing the track?

Emma: I started singing the melody in the shower, so it should really be called “shower water”, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

How did the track come to life?

Josh: Emma came into the studio with the hook lyrics and melody, and then we build the rest of the song track from that.

Sonically, it’s quite different to previous single ‘Gassed’. Why was it the perfect follow up?

Neither one of us are consciously thinking about what should come next or why or how, we just try and capture whatever we are feeling at that moment and if it feels right to us we just keep going with it.  It’s cliche but when something feels right you just sort of know, so I guess that’s how we came to decide that ‘Bathwater’ would be the next song to come out.

There’s not much of you on the internet. Why do you choose to maintain an air of mystery?

The mystery isn’t really an intentional thing I think it is just who we are as people…and so maybe that’s what translates into how we present ourselves or other things online.

Your visuals are quite tongue in cheek. Who is in charge of creating them and what spurs your ideas?

J: Emma is a photographer so all of the pictures you see are pictures she has taken

What else do you have in store for 2017? (Go on, do tell!)

We have one more song to come out this year. It was aired on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy but when they asked to use the song we weren’t really ready for it to come into the world yet…but we’ve now shot a video for it with a good friend (Alexandra Gavillet) and are excited for that to come later this fall.

Weslee’s latest single ‘Bathwater’ is available now.