Discover the truth behind Tommy Ashby’s new single ‘Bowlegged’ and his music video that captures his honest and personal lyrics

Travelling the country playing guitar in his father’s traditional blues band and raised on the Scottish pub singaround culture, Tommy was always going to have a musical background. The mix of American roots, blues and country, combined with his Scottish folk roots, ooze in all his music. His new track ‘Bowlegged’ is beautiful, along with his very thought-provoking and creative music video, so we caught up with Tommy Ashby to discover the truth behind his new track and video ‘Bowlegged’. Let’s see what we find out…

We love your new track ‘Bowlegged’. What led you to creating this specific track?

I was just thinking about the phrase ‘last man standing’ and ended up imagining a future world where humans were falling to bits! A bit of an odd start to a song. I ended up spiralling into lyrics that talk about the human urge to fit in and how we are often not happy with our lot. I also liked the idea of God looking at this mad group mentality that he had not planned for and despairing. Definitely a bit of an off-kilter topic for a song but it was fun to play with.

How do you want your audience to react when listening to this new song?

It’s a bit left-field, with quite an odd repetitive riff and a direct lyrical narrative. I just wanted people to sit and listen for a while, think about the lyrics and maybe work out what it means to them. It’s definitely a song that you need to give a little time to, it reveals itself a little slower than others. 

What is the story behind the name of this track?

Primarily ‘Bowlegged’ it is about the idea of the last man standing, looking out at the rest of the world and not being able to work out what he wants. I was also thinking it maybe is about how we tie ourself in knots trying to change what we are instead of just being. 

What artists have inspired you within the creation of ‘Bowlegged’?

Well I can’t be from the Scottish Borders without being inspired by Frightened Rabbit. Their music gives hope to so many people who feel hopeless, a band who make you realise that everyone is a misfit. Also it came from a musical urge to play with less conventional harmony. The riff is based on some jarring notes and I was just trying to get people to feel comfortable with something unusual and that people would normally call ‘wrong’.

‘I think in this song the music is a bed that allows the lyrics to stand out and the idea with the video was to accentuate that’.


Your video for the track ‘Bowlegged’ is beautiful, with the illustrations and lyrics shown. What are the reasons behind this? Why create a lyric video with illustrations rather than using real footage?

The idea was to pull focus towards the lyrics. I think in this song the music is a bed that allows the lyrics to stand out and the idea with the video was to accentuate that. The song is also full of quite direct images, which I think gave Marc some inspiration. 

Who directed your video and why did you choose him/her specifically? Did you have a clear direction for the video ‘Bowlegged’ before starting to create it?

The video was made by Marc Corrigan and I think he has done a wonderful job. At first he sent some initial inspiration and sketches and then we chatted about our love of William Blake paintings. He just seemed to really get the lyrics and knew I wanted the pictures to be direct and not overly sentimental or cheesy. I wanted the images in the song to form the basis for the illustrations but I didn’t know where Marc was going to take them so that was a lovely surprise! 

We see that you will be releasing another track on July 20th from your EP ‘Restless Love’. What can we expect from this?

I’m very excited for the Restless Love EP. It was all recorded at the same time as Bowlegged with Sam Okell in his makeshift studio down in Cornwall, so all exists in the same musical world. I’m really happy with the title track, Restless Love, which is the single that comes out with the EP. It’s about a love that never feels settled and when you are in a relationship with someone who needs turmoil. Sam production is brilliant, he is full of interesting musical ideas and always lets me go with whatever silly idea I have at the time. Anyway yes, very excited for the EP, I can’t wait to see what people make of it. 


Bowlegged is out now. Go check it out!