Brighton based quartet Thyla unveil the layers behind ‘What’s On Your Mind’

Highlighting the modern world of technology, Thyla have captivated their fanbase and critics with each anticipating release building up to the unveiling of their debut EP ‘What’s On Your Mind’, released earlier this year. Honing in on the creation of glistening dream pop, the band have curated a force to be reckoned with that overflows the post-punk realm with memorable rhythms and ethereal vocals throughout.

Sitting down with the band, we unwrap the making of ‘What’s On Your Mind’ and find out how the cognitive cogs turn as one in the creative process.

Hi there guys, we can’t get enough of your debut EP ‘What’s On Your Mind’! What started the fire behind the new work?

We’ve all spent our adult lives living through an online representation of ourselves and there just comes a point when you have to slam the brakes on and ask yourself if the good outweighs the bad. There’s many obvious pros, they’re reinforced regularly, but there’s not much conversation made about the cons. Like how it can be a breeding ground for some seriously negative stuff; Narcissism: Preaching: Jealousy: Bullying etc. It might sound extreme but it’s breaking up the idea of community – you used to have no choice but to go out and socialise and get to know people. These days you receive daily details about people you had a conversation with once, or even worse people you know by association and have never spoken to. We’re not technophobes, we just want people to go out and talk and socialise. There’s nothing more depressing than walking into a bar where everyone’s chin is tethered to their sternum whilst they mindlessly thumb some sort of glowing oblong.

Your newest single ‘Only Ever’ is such a versatile track, what’s the inspiration behind it?

Everyone in the band has a very distinct musical personality and a lot of the time we’ll all just be chucking paint onto the metaphorical canvas. Sometimes something good comes out, often it’s pretty ugly. We’re not always a musical democracy as it has a low hit rate, it’s a bit like panning for gold through endless mounds of shit – very hard work but ultimately rewarding. ‘Only Ever’ is one of those rewards. The music came first and the lyrics were carved out after, it’s about the shield we put up to protect our true identities and emotions, it touches on how underneath all the pretence, life’s main landmarks are true moments of emotion – positive and negative – times when the veil comes down and the humanity that’s inside all of us runs free.

How have fans reacted to your 5-track release so far?

We’ve had loads of lovely feedback. Enough to keep us warm for a few winters yet!

Hearing that people relate to our music, sometimes in ways we couldn’t have imagined, is why we do this.

Out of all the new tracks, what would be the bands favourite, and why?

‘Only Ever’, because of all the aforementioned stuff but also because it still feels really fresh and vibrant to us.

When you were in the process of writing did you tend to follow a pattern or was it naturally organic?

A bit of both. Songs like ‘Bitter’, ‘Candy’ and ‘Better Me’ were fully written lyrics and top lines that got arranged for the band whereas ‘Only Ever’ and ‘Blue’ we’re organic jams that had lyrics tailored to them. There’s a bit of push and pull and songs get distilled and chopped up, but we try to make the song-writing process as diverse as possible.

What atmosphere do you find you like to set for your fans when they plug in?

It’s up to the individual really, we don’t set out to write songs to make people feel a certain way. If it causes insufferable boredom or evokes blinding rage, then so be it. We hope our music is a force for good and provides some escapism for the listener.

You’ve been super busy touring lately, what’s been your favourite moment (or moments) so far?

Getting locked in our Airbnb in Newcastle whilst awaiting a Dominos and then drunkenly inviting the delivery guy to kick the door down – he didn’t thank god and we got out pain-free without causing damage. Dominos is better cold anyway.

Then in Glasgow, we went for drinks with nu-metal heroes P.O.D and Alien Ant Farm who just so happened to be stationed at the venue a day prior to their own gig. That was awesomely random.

We obviously couldn’t go any further without talking about your single ‘Blue’, what was the inspiration behind the track? And has that inspiration grown further since it’s release?

‘Blue’ came from it’s beat. The drums alone have such a dance’y’ feel to them, and we wanted to bring that feel good energy to our live show. The lyrics came from a darker place, in keeping with the themes and ideas found in many of our other songs.

‘Blue’ as in, I got the Blues, hones in on the rapid and unstoppable rate of change in the way we interact with people.

‘Blue’ as in, the colour of the Twitter and Facebook interface, makes for an ironic double entendre.

The thing making us sad is the colour of sad, “I’m Blue” is both the cause and the symptom!

Now that the song is a fully-fledged member of our set and after playing it live loads, it’s inspiration has definitely grown in that it’s more of an anthem than lament. Originally, it’s message was that of sobering self-consciousness, but when we play it live it’s us at our most confident, almost as though we’re aware of how bad things are but not afraid to deal with them anymore.

Which topics are the most eye-catching to you in this EP?

All of the songs on our debut, in some way, talk about the ills of today’s social network. “What’s on Your Mind?” is the prompt Facebook gives you to write a status and so we thought it was a fitting title to sums up what we’re on about. On the surface, writing a status, posting a picture, sharing an article, all seem harmless, but there’s more to it, much more, and we hope that our EP highlights that and gets people to think about what’s making them so miserable.

And finally, since it’s the title of your EP, What’s On Your Mind for 2019?

The main thing on our minds is writing. We have an unquenchable thirst for it! We’d love to have another EP out by the end of the year.