New Zealand’s Theia returns to the music world, cementing her as 2018’s hottest new pop prospect

Influenced by Amy Winehouse Theia reveals that Amy is the artist that she admires the most, “I love her vulnerability, her honesty and her strength”, as well as current sounds she’s listening to such as: “Tommy Genesis, Princess Nokia, Dounia and Jaden Smith”. Theia continues to make music that she loves, and we can see this through her incredible new track ‘Bad Idea’.  From graduating in Maori language and indigineous studies Theia still yearned to make music so she started to work all sorts of jobs to make enough money to get herself into the studio. Theia revealed, “I just knew that I had songs within me and I wanted to see how far I could take it”.


Theia opened Sia’s NZ Stadium Tour in 2017, alongside MO and Charli XCX but is now taking  2018 head on with her powerful music and honest words.  We caught up with this rising star, talking all things ‘Bad Idea’, finding out the secrets behind this new track…



We love ‘Bad Idea’. What was your inspiration behind this track?

Thanks. I’m glad you love it! I was in quite a low place when I first started writing ‘Bad Idea’ in a songwriting session. We only finished a verse and the chorus. I gave the track some distance and then started working on it alone, about a year later. Through the process of returning to the track, I realised that while it came from a dark place, it was ultimately a song of strength and hope. So although the lyrics are quite heavy, I really wanted that to be balanced out with uplifting and joyous production.


How do you want your listeners to react to ‘Bad Idea’?

I think it’s important for people to take their own meaning from songs and I really hope people do that with ‘Bad Idea’. But also, I do want it to be a message for people who might be feeling a low. Music can be so healing. Please don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help.


This track has a strong electro-pop genre. Did you have help with the production of ‘Bad Idea’?

Sean Turk, who’s based in New York, produced the track. He’s an amazing producer and an artist in his own right. We’d email each other countless times throughout the day and then jump on Skype, going backwards and forwards working on the production. I was really clear about the vibe that I wanted and Sean was just so incredible in picking that up. He worked so tirelessly on this song and I was so proud of us both, once it was finished.



Is ‘Bad Idea’ different to previous music that you have released? If so, why the change?

It’s still very much in the alt-pop realm, with hints of R&B, which I think my earlier stuff also fits in to. So it’s not vastly different. But I guess it is a little more pop-focused than some of the darker tracks on my debut EP. That said, it fits alongside my debut single ‘Roam’ very well.


Did you have any initial ideas musically or lyrically when writing ‘Bad Idea’ that didn’t work as well as you wanted it to?

I had two versions of the bridge that I played around with for a bit. I decided upon the second version, because it just really stood out and took the song to a whole new place.


If you had to describe ‘Bad Idea’ in three words, what would they be?

Vulnerable. Hopeful. Strong.


What can we expect from you next?

Well, I’m about to release a really cool video for Bad Idea and I can’t wait for people to see that because it features, and was made by, some really amazing and talented people from LA. I’m also back in the studio working on new music and looking forward to travelling some more over the next few months.


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