‘Close’ has been one of our favourite tracks of late, so we spoke to the ‘Goth Pop’ artist behind it in our songwriting Unwrapped feature.


‘Close’ is a great track, what was the initial inspiration for the track?

Thanks!! I don’t exactly remember what the inspo was, sometimes I bring song references into the studio or a topic I want to write about, but most of the time it ends up being completely different from the initial ideas/inspo you had to start with.


You’ve described your sound as ‘Goth Pop’, can you describe what you mean by that?

To be honest it was more a joke than anything to start off with. On Soundcloud you have to give your music a genre, and one of my friends wrote for their music ‘Space Tech’ and another wrote ‘Sun Kissed’ so I thought it would be funny to call it ‘Goth Pop’ lol. But in reality it actually kinda fits and somehow stuck hahah


The track is a little less dark than you earlier work, was this a conscious decision or something that happened naturally?

Ya right it’s like the most upbeat track I’ve ever done hahah. Wasn’t planned it just sort of happened and I really liked how it sounded. But to me the lyrics are still on the depressing side so it balances out in a way? haha



Who or what inspires you now? 

Friends more than anything I would say, going to shows, and especially writing music with others. Thats the most inspiring thing for sure.


What can we expect from you next?

I have a music video I’ll be putting out in the next few weeks. My very first album coming out next year and hopefully a bunch of shows 😀 woop woop ! xx