The mysterious artist tells us about new sounds, videos and travelling across the world to make it in music.

‘Doubles’ is a great track with a really strong mood, can you tell us about the themes and inspirations for the track?

Thanks! I’m really glad you like it. It was inspired by my own feelings of confusion and insanity more than anything else. The lyrics are coming from a lot of different places, from the loneliness I felt after leaving high school and then the guilt that came from moving to London.


You wrote the track “a year or two ago”, what made you want to release this now?

It wasn’t really a case of wanting to release it now, it just happened that way. I was really conscious of making the wrong decisions, navigating the industry properly, but I’m over all that now and I’m becoming a lot more comfortable with calling the shots. So, there shouldn’t really be a gap that long between writing and releasing music again.


You bought a “one way ticket to England to focus on your music career”, what do you think life would be like if you didn’t take that chance?

I think I would be really unhappy. I knew I was always going to wonder ‘what if,’ if I didn’t give music a go, so I’d probably be somewhere in Australia, staring blankly out a window, doing just that.┬áMy second choice was to move to Melbourne, so I probably would have done that, I’ve never properly been, but I think I could have enjoyed that.


You were born in Doncaster, moved to Australia and then moved to Hackney, do you feel like these places have affected your outlook on, or your output of, music?

I don’t think it’s affected my output in any way, but it’s probably changed my outlook. In the world being so accessible to me, it’s made the things I’ve aspired to, whether it be a career in music, or just the ability to choose an alternate path for myself, seem more in my reach. That doesn’t mean it’s made either any easier though.



You’ve swapped electronic sounds for guitar on the new track, was this a conscious decision and can you see how you make your tracks evolving?

I don’t think it was a conscious decision, it just seemed to fit the vibe we were going for more than anything else. The more I write and make music, the more I realise I float around a lot and maybe don’t have the most distinct sound but ‘Doubles’ is probably the most outrageous of the lot.


We loved the video for ‘Runs and Rides’, can we expect a video for this one? If not, can you tell us what we can expect from you in the near future?

Yes, I’ve made a video for Doubles. There are shots in it that I recorded in my room, on my Photo Booth at 5am, after coming home from a party. So, it’s very DIY, but I’m proud of it. I’ve been writing and recording a lot of new music that I’ll release next year and I’m really excited for that to come out.