From Gerry Rafferty to eggy dreams, Mr. Yolk discusses his debut solo single ‘Baker Street’

Samuel Jones is a busy fellow. In his time as a musician he has spent his days as chief songwriter behind bands Velvet Morning and Rocket Ship TV, garnering press from tastemakers NME, Noisey, and Indie Shuffle to boot. But now is time for him to focus on himself. Meet Mr. Yolk, Jones’ latest moniker for his funk-filled, groove inducing tunes. ‘Baker Street’ is up first, and Jones gave us the lowdown…

When did you write ‘Baker Street’? 

That would have been probably the end of May this year. It was the last song I wrote and recorded for an LP that’s coming out in October which I am pretty excited about.

What was inspiring you as you wrote the track?

Well, I guess it is a pretty contrasting vibe going on compared to the other tracks that will be on the LP. I guess I was leaning towards it being a bit more of a dance track you could say. That and keeping melody as of huge importance.

Is the title a reference to Gerry Rafferty’s iconic song of the same name? Are you a fan of a sax solo?

Ha, I was out the other night actually and someone said this to me. I don’t even know who the guy is. Quite funny really as I’ve just been in a band that was called Velvet Morning and I was unaware of that reference until a few months after. However, that was due to a member of my band not telling me that’s why he chose the name. But I am certainly going to check Gerry out now though so swings and roundabouts… he could change my life.

There is a dream-like quality to ‘Baker Street’; was there a particular atmosphere that you were hoping to evoke for your audience?

Just to move really. If you like to dance and like melody you will probably enjoy it….well you might think it’s shit but I’ve got a bit more self-belief than that.

Why did you feel that ‘Baker Street’ was the perfect introduction to Mr. Yolk?

I was advised by people I respect.

Why the moniker “Mr. Yolk”?

Well, I had a dream once that I was looking the mirror in a haze when in my reflection was a fried egg..and I thought it was humorous. This then leads to ‘Mr. Yolk’ and I thought summed me up as a person and my sense of humor. So as essentially a solo artist I thought this was a good platform to be on so to speak.

You’ve recently announced your new album Self-Portrait. Congrats! What can listeners expect?


What else do you have in store for 2017?

Just getting better as a band really…then gigs.

Mr. Yolk’s ‘Baker Street’ is available now.