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Jen Hirsh, the singer-songwriter behind Monogem, dropped by to delve further into the creation of her blissfully soulful latest single ‘Get You High’.

Here at Born Music, we love your new track ‘Get You High’, can you divulge what the track is about?

Thank you! I feel that the track really captures that feeling of longing for someone or something new in your life; convincing them to come over and waste a little time, and enjoy one another.  I personally spend a lot of my time worrying about the past and the future and want to be more present during the time I am on this planet, and sharing it with the people I love.  

Do you find songwriting a cathartic process?

It is such a release….especially when I collaborate with writers who can pull different sides out of me that I didn’t even know I had.  It’s like therapy. 

You have been releasing music for a considerable amount of time, do you feel your music has evolved over the years?

My music has definitely evolved over time. The evolution of it all is the best part, in my opinion. To me, that’s what being an artist is all about.  It’s fun and sometimes painful to look back on early releases, but also really empowering to feel proud of all of the new music I am working on. I am learning to embrace the process and accept that this is truly my life path.

What first inspired you to write music? How did it all begin?

Funny you should ask, last night I actually just stumbled upon the very first song I wrote, it was called “Who Knew?” – it will never see the light of day, haha!  I was young and in love with many stars in my eyes. I had just got accepted into music school and was essentially writing about all of the good in my life, I had so much to look forward to. After years of studying Jazz in college and really learning my instrument, I started writing my own music to express myself – also I was kind of ready to take a break from singing Jazz standards. Every song I write, I try to envision myself singing it on stage and if I can really sell it or not. I’m trying to listen to that a lot more lately, if I can’t believe it 1000%, how can I expect an audience to?

The word ‘monogem’ has a cosmic derivation. Do you channel this through your music?

I try to leave room for moments in the production of my music for some ear candy. Whether it’s a glittery synth, a whirlwind of textures or some ear candy with vocal effects – I am most definitely always trying to take myself along with my audience to another place. A place where we can all be present.

Your electro-pop music is unified with your incredibly soulful vocals to create your signature sound. Who/what are your influences?

Thank you so much. I am influenced by so many artists and things around me. A few artists that come to mind are Sade, James Blake, Little Dragon, and Whitney Houston. I am also influenced by the strong music community of artists here in LA, there is so much talent here it’s stupid. In addition to musicians, I am lucky to live close to the ocean and am constantly inspired by it, as well as nature, my lover, my family, my friends…all the things.  

What’s next?

Up next, we head to SXSW this week which I am very excited for. A music video for “Get You High” to follow, and more new music so stay close <3

Is there a new EP/LP in the works?

I plan to have a steady stream of singles this year with some beautiful visuals. I haven’t yet decided if I want to put everything together as an EP/LP, but I think I may let the fans decide what they want 🙂

Monogem’s ‘Get You High’ is available to stream and download on all platforms now.