The Swedish pop sensation discusses female empowerment in her music…

Swedish pop sensation Molly Hammar is on a mission. Her cause? Empowering women and encouraging them to be more open about sex and relationships. Her recent single ‘Blossom’ is the perfect introduction to the discussion and was the first to be taken from her new EP that touches upon themes of physicality and emotion.

It was a natural yet conscious shift in direction for Hammar. “It feels liberating to finally have music out that’s so close to my heart. Ever since I woke up in the middle of the night, realizing that I wanted to write about sex, everything has kind of fallen into place in a beautiful way.

“I’d been struggling to find a way to do R&B in my own way and I really connect with my concept and every line that we wrote on this album,” she explains of the journey. “It feels amazing.”

Your recent single ‘Blossom’ was a favourite of ours. Can you tell us a little about what it means to you?

So basically I heard Jessie J sing in an instagram video ”I pray I get the chance to bloom”. I’ve always been worried about never being able to blossom and show the world who I am. ‘Blossom’ is about doing that – coming home, letting go, reach climax both sexually and in life.

We premiered your video for ‘Blossom’ and was struck by the vivid visuals. What were you trying to convey to your audience?

In the ‘Blossom’ music video I wanted to embrace the female sexuality and welcome people into my world. I feel like we really managed to exhibit what my wet dream looks like.

Did you have much creative input into the video? Who did you work with and what was the shoot like?

Together with director Joel Hördegård (amazing), I wanted to do something that was cool but still had a classy vibe to it. It was a liberating shoot where I think we both felt very free to do whatever we wanted as long as I felt like it could happen in my wet dreams. So It’s all very personal and honest, like the song itself.

What do you consider the most personal song on your EP and why?

I think ‘Bathtub Moments’ is the most honest song i’ve ever written. I came up with the title when I was in the bathtub and if you’ve heard the song y’all know what happens after that.

You’re very vocal about female empowerment and the female perspective of sex. Why do you feel it is an important topic for discussion, especially in music?

Music is so powerful. It has always come so naturally for me to use my platform to speak up for women in a very male dominated industry and empower those who needs to be empowered.

We asked you to create a playlist of tracks that are empowering for women. There are some great songs on there – what makes those songs empowering for you?

It’s different depending on the song but first of all, Beyoncé is always empowering in every way possible! When I heard ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’ by Mahalia, I just connected with it so badly – I’ve been listening to it everyday since it came out. Plus I feel like the whole track has got a bounce that’s undeniably empowering.

What else do you have planned for 2018?

I’ll be promoting my EP and hopefully take a trip to London for work. I love London. Other than that I’ll just continue to encourage people to have sex more often.

Molly Hammar’s EP Sex is out now. Listen to her playlist of empowering anthems for women below!