Mariami is back with her new single ‘Electrify My Heart’, with powerful vocals and a strong electro-pop genre, this track will keep you all on your toes

Mariami, the pop/soul singer is back with her new single ‘Electrify My Heart’, with a strong electro-pop genre, this song will keep you all on your toes. Mariami’s powerful vocals and the electrified music used throughout, creates a fun and edgy track. We caught up with Mariami and uncovered the truth behind her new single. Let’s take a look at what’s been electrifying her heart!


Hey Mariami! We LOVE your new track ‘Electrify My Heart’. What inspired you to create this song?

Thanks! I was staying in the mountains in Monte Nido at a friend’s home last summer. There is something about driving through canyons and guitar with hollow reverb that go hand in hand and the beauty of their home, both the architecture and the design put me in that headspace to write about love. I wrote the demo on guitar and added a few elements and then produced it in Brooklyn when returned to the East Coast. It came together in the studio in a few hours.


What artists/bands inspire your music?

Frank Ocean is a big inspiration, Tame Impala, the composers from Stranger Things


How do you want listeners to react to your new track?

Hm – I don’t have a projection on that. I hope they authentically enjoy it!


This track has a more electro-pop genre compared to some of your other tracks. Did you want ‘Electrify My Heart’ to show this edgier side of you?

Narratively I wanted to be more confident. There is a lot of reflection, contemplation and gentleness in my lyrics. I wanted to not be so shy.


We love the electrified music throughout the song that keeps us all hooked! Did you have help with the production of your song?

Yes — I’m strumming the chords and a producer named Danny Kaump helped bring everything around it to life.


If you could sum up ‘Electrify My Heart’ in three words, what would they be?

Frank, Sincere, Unapologetic


What will we expect to see from you next?

More Frank, Sincere and Unapologetic songs 🙂


Electrify My Heart is out now. Go check it out on: ITunes / Apple Music or listen on Spotify below.