Dedicated to all the women who are making a difference, Madison’s ‘Hustle’ is a bold, unique and brilliant pop track. Find out more about it below.


You’ve said this song is for Hillary Clinton, amongst others, what message do you have for her in this song? 

The message is, we heard you. She fought for us, and now it is OUR TIME.  It is a call to action for us ladies. The time is NOW to keep cracking the ceiling. Let’s not adhere to being labelled as ‘girl’ who is considered less, let’s crack it wide open, backwards in heels!!!!


Your sound is quite unique and eccentric, how important do you feel uniqueness is in music?

It’s everything. Originality is where it is at. Of course we are all inspired by art and things we have heard but it is key to be authentically yourself. Think, there is no other person like me in the whole universe that has had my exact experiences or interpretations and yet we all feel connected in so many ways, that is so cool..!  How can we share that?  People feel that and respond to it, I hope 🙂


In the pre-chorus you sing “I heard I’m a girl but that’s just a word”, do you feel there’s a certain stigma attached to the word?

For sure.. and we have seen it unfold a million times over the last year.. This song is more important than ever.


There’s quite a cool 2000s pop sound in the track, who were you listening to when you wrote the track?

I guess I am the summation of my experiences! I love that pop music! Britney forever!



The track has a clearly inspirational message, but have any songs or artists inspired you to feel this way?

I’m just speaking from my own experiences and keeping it real. I do so appreciate and admire when artists speak out in ways that are inspirational or take courage. I love how Kesha is telling stories of her hardships through her music, same for how Lady Gaga does that too, speaking out. I dig that. P!nk is great at that too.  I think we as artists should always strive to do that.. We have a mouthpiece and we should use it for good!


What can we expect from you next?

More music coming all through 2018.. I’ll be on my grind!!