We grabbed the alt-pop artist to dig the dirt on her latest single…

If you’re a frequenter of the blog, then you’ll definitely know that we are 110% invested in tracks that sound a little bit nostalgic. Synths, poppy beats and a killer hook – we’re all over it! If you are similarly inclined then you may already be well acquainted with Litany.

The alt-pop artist has made a name for herself with her stellar brand of catchy synth songs. In the two year interim since her last release – single ‘Call On Me’ and the aptly titled 4 Track EP – Litany has shifted from a duo to a solo project, giving Beth Cornell the chance to experiment afresh. Enter ‘My Dude’, her toe-tapping new single that harks back to her teenage woes. It’s all quite entertaining.

Below, Beth shares how she brought her comeback single to life…

We’re in love with your latest track ‘My Dude’ – can you tell us a little about the story that inspired the track?

Thank you so much! It’s actually inspired by a diary entry from 15-year-old me when I was really into this older guy, but he was dating a girl even older than he was. I remember for a time wanting to be her so badly so that I could have him (and her car), going through the motions from crazed jealousy to self- affirmation and wishing he’d have a lightbulb moment. In short, it’s about the girl who got the guy and that girl not being you.

How did you bring your latest single to life sonically?

I wrote this tune with my live band-mate and songwriter Hugh Vincent and producer, Earl Saga. Very early on we had a clear idea of where we wanted it to go [as I laid down] more lyrics and melody. It’s really important to me for songs to feel like instant classics and not prisoners of a certain trend or time period.

Producers Duncan Pym and Charlie Hugall joined the ‘My Dude’ team and I distinctly remember getting a text to our group WhatsApp and Charlie saying, “We need a sax solo, let’s get a sax solo”. I was, of course, very on board and sax man Andy Cox laid down the best sax solo since ‘Careless Whisper’. It was the cherry on top!

‘My Dude’ has a brighter sound than some of your previous work. Why did you choose this track as the introduction to the next phase of Litany?

I really wanted to come back with a sound that was trademark Litany but haven’t been able to shake how inspired I am by the likes of Metronomy, Blood Orange, Robyn, etc. Their music played a massive part in how I went about writing and structuring this single. Out of all of the upcoming material, ‘My Dude’ felt as though it bridged the gap between old and new the best; it’s definitely an ode to ‘Bedroom’ for me.

There’s a definite retro sound to the music you create; what draws you to that type of music and why does it work for you?

I tend to lean towards nostalgia lyrically and the retro-esque soundscapes definitely lend themselves. It’s also a little bit of what I mentioned before about wanting a timeless sound; music dates very easily especially in the way it’s being consumed nowadays. 80s/90s music for the most part, however, has aged really well. I’m very inspired by the instrumentation used in that era.

Litany was previously a duo but now you’re going it alone. How has this affected the creative process for you? 

Yeah! It’s been a crazy eight months trying to figure if I could indeed go it alone and how the shake-up would affect my career. At first, I went through crippling self-doubt, like, is what I’m doing even any good?! But it got easier, I quickly learned to trust in the process and now feel like a better songwriter and musician because of it.

Moving to London felt essential so as to work with as many people as I possibly could. It forced me to be a musical sponge of knowledge. Self-managing as well as being a one-man band is no easy task but I’ve never felt happier or more in control of my career.

The theme of love often crops up in your songs. Why is it your topic of choice?

I guess in a roundabout way most songs are about love, be it for a person, a place, a feeling, etc. Love is terrifying, all-consuming and all things in between which makes it a fascinating song topic for me personally. I’ve always tried to give more real and colloquial ways of describing my past relationships lyrically even if it may alienate those who haven’t been through the exact same thing.

What are your favourite love songs and why?

That’s an almost impossible question! That said, my favourite song of all time just so happens to be ‘True Love Will Find You In The End’ by Daniel Johnston. It does something to me.

What else do you have in store for the rest of 2019? (Go on, do tell!)

Well… I will be releasing plenty of new music this year! I’ve written an EP that I’m very proud of. It’s the first body of work as a solo artist so I’m super hyped to share it with everyone! I’m also gonna be doing my biggest headline show to date at London’s The Garage on October 3rd. Litany shows have a history of being one big party and I can’t wait for this to be the same but on a larger scale!

Litany’s single ‘My Dude’ is available now.