The San Francisco band discuss unrequited feelings and being fresh in 2017…

Le VICE are an eclectic band hellbent on being original in a climate that it is far too easy to get lost in. Blogs churn out new music on an evermore rapid pace, but take pause Le VICE, for they are worth both your time and attention. Hailing from San Francisco, the four piece create music that combines elements of funk, RnB, soul and electronica, pinning throbbing synth tones with slap bass and lucid guitar riffs to create a sound wholly their own. Take one listen to their latest track ‘I Want Your Love’  – comprised by vocalist Alex Lee and bassist/ keyboardist/ producer Sean Stillinger – to see what we mean…

We love your latest track ‘I Want Your Love’! Was there anything in particular that was inspiring the lyrics?

Alex Lee: Basically, just thinking of an old platonic friend. Someone that I had a thing for and actually wanted to be more than friends with. Someone that would come by to smoke and party with me but didn’t really want anything more from me than that. I was never sure if this person was just not into me at all or clueless haha. I was clearly hoping for the latter.

The song incorporates elements of funk, electronica and soul; how did you come to blend all of these genres so seamlessly and create something fresh?

Sean Stillinger: I always try to not try when creating music. These are all genres that I like myself so they are bound to all leak in a bit here and there.

Do you think it is becoming more difficult for artists to create original sounds and arrangements in 2017?

AL: Not really. I think it’s just that people are always trying to make what’s “hot” and instead of doing their own thing they just do what the next person is doing.  So everything ends up sounding the same. It doesn’t help that so many of the people who critique music and inevitably help get artists music heard by more people, often also just want to hear what’s “hot” at the moment too.

SS: Yes, like as compared to like 1917 ha ha, for sure, especially because of the speed of communication and the rate at which things are being shared. It’s kinda scary to think about, but it seems like we are headed towards one flavor of soup in all art, music and cultural happening.

Who were your biggest musical inspirations for this track?

SS: If I had to spot them in there, I’d say some Rick James, Prince, Phanogram, ‪Radiohead, among others.

Do you have an EP or album in the works currently?

AL: We do. We have an EP that’s finished actually. It’s called Boys & Girls and we are just wrapping up the visual album that will accompany it.

How did you all meet and what made you want to collaborate with each other?

AL: Sean and I met like twelve or so years ago when I was looking for a bass player for the release party of my first solo album.

SS: Renzo Staiano (guitar) and I went to University of California Santa Cruz together, that’s where he entered the picture.

AL: We actually met Scott, our drummer, when we still had our last drummer. He’s the newest member of Le VICE. He had came to a show with his friend Drew Banga who had decided to sit in with us for a few shows. Then we started hiring him as a sub when our last drummer was unable to make it and eventually he just took over the role completely.

What do Le Vice have planned next that you can tease us with?

SS: We have the upcoming EP which will be accompanied by the visual album that Alex noted earlier. You can check out a trailer for it at the top of our website

Listen to ‘I Want Your Love’ now.