The former boxer is at his soulful best on this emotional knockout…

Discovered playing at a Dalston pub in 2015, Joseph J Jones has since been clawing out a name for himself with his immense work ethic and soulful, crooning voice. The 25-year-old’s rise in prominence is hardly a surprise either, his music is layered and textured, crammed full of realism and emotion. Following up a support slot on Jack Savoretti’s UK tour in 2017 with his own UK and European headline tour the following year, the young man shows no signs of slowing down.

His single ‘Tears & Tequila’ is triumphant example of what he does best. An emotive, stripped back tale of a diminished relationship, a snapshot of modern British life. The sheer rawness and honesty of Jones and his music makes it very easy to find yourself invested in it. We caught up with him to peel back the curtain and find out some more about the heartfelt track.

Hi Joseph! We love your track ‘Tears & Tequila’, could you give us some more insight as to the tale being told in its lyrics?

I had come off the usual lads holiday in Magaluf. Met this girl over there who worked behind a bar. We had a bit of a thing as you do and we agreed to meet up and see each other after I left. Never happened. The song is pretty simple – just about me wanting to get back to her, the place and wishing that we’d met up once we both got back. Late nights, dark lights, hotel rooms and all the sort of stuff that happens in between. It’s your traditional end of summer holiday come down banger!

What was the process like in bringing the track to life?

It was like doing bit of therapy getting the lyrics down on paper. Didn’t take long to write. Go for a pint and get on with production.

Are you pleased with the way that people have responded to it?

Yeah. It’s resonated with people but I feel it’s one of those songs that will keep on going through. One for the masses coming off their holidays in 2019!

What do you feel were your biggest musical influences for this track?

Strangely track is influenced by Drake + the Cocktea twins with a dash of The XX. No idea why…

The track has received a great deal of praise for its powerful and emotional sound, was this something that was always intended to be a major theme in the song?

To be totally honest the track didn’t have a lot of layers put in to it. It was pretty minimal but in this case less in more. I did like three sweeps of the track because I felt I just need to ride on the emotion. Just let it out basically.

‘Tears & Tequila’ is taken from your upcoming album Built on Broken Bones, what is the story behind this album and how does this track fit in?

The album is a snapshot of the past 18 months. It’s where my head has been at. I left songs off the album that are decent but I wanted there to be certain themes through it. It’s an album of heartache, some regrets, revenge but also hope. I like observing situations and putting those stories down. Tears fits.

What was the thought process behind the artwork that accompanies the track?

The artwork is my photo of my parents. They were both 18-30s reps back in the day and I just felt the image was reminiscent of what I got up to with this girl on holiday! Totally free and off it.

How do you feel that this track compares to some of your earlier work?

Not totally sure how to answer that to be honest. I am constantly writing so on some levels it’s close as it’s me putting it down but on others it’s far apart on theme. As long as it connects with people that’s all I care about.

How would you describe the journey that you’ve been on to lead you to right now?

The journeys been both interesting and challenging. As it should be. I’m a grafter when it comes to my music. I’m constantly trying to push myself creatively and develop the craft side of things. Keep moving so to speak. Making music and playing shows ain’t a walk in the park. You gotta have tough skin but I am pleased with the work and very excited about what’s going on in the studio right now.

What plans does Joseph J. Jones have for the future?

I just want to be creative, keep developing and getting my music into the world I’ve always pictured it in. I am always busy!