Jones releases a stunning new music video for her single ‘Silver Screen’, with a dreamy feel and elegant visuals, it’s truly magical

After hearing JONES’ New York EP,  released last month, with stunning vocals and beautiful words, it was time to catch up with JONES and uncover the truth behind her single ‘Silver Screen’ and her new music video released.

Read more to hear from the incredible JONES herself!


We love, love, love your new single ‘Silver Screen’. What was your main inspiration for creating this track?

Thank you! Well when I was writing the song with my two friends Martin Luke Brown and Charlie Hugall I was imagining the time that I’d been walking the streets of NYC, feeling quite overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people and all of their stories. Feeling a sense of sadness at some of the harshness on some of the people’s faces and wondering what made them this way…I was also thinking about the song Empire State Of Mind.


What is the story behind the name of this track?

The lyric goes “I’m looking for love like on a silver screen” – it’s a line that just came out of me organically lord knows where it came from! I’m always surprised. I guess I wanted to describe that deep, overwhelming love, like the romantic love affairs you see in the movies. As soon as I said the line I knew that was going to be the title. In songwriting you’re always searching for that ‘thing’ – that key word that jumps out as a title.


What artists have inspired you within the creation of ‘Silver Screen’?

I was listening to the Alicia Keys The Element Of Freedom album at the time, as well as a lot of old Beatles records. I love the Please Please Me album especially the songs Anna and Do Want To Know A Secret – I just love the charm and classic innocence they have I could never get tired of listening to them.


How do you want your audience to react when listening to this new song?

Man I just always hope for people to connect and feel – if I can make anyone feel and have a moment then I’m happy and my job is done. Not that this feels like a job. You can’t think about that stuff when you’re writing though – it gets in the way and I never want my songs to feel to calculated even if I’m sitting there trying to make it perfect. It’s got to feel natural it’s got to just be from an honest place, that I feel at the time of writing.



Your music video for ‘Silver Screen’ is beautiful and creates a dreamy feel. What were you reasons behind the visuals in your video?

Thanks man! I just wanted to do a performance video that let’s the song speak for itself. I worked with the director Ciaran Wood who I met through a friend of a colleague I work with, and we got together and talked about ideas and just all let it be very natural and organic. I love the way it turned out. You have to give videos a little bit of freedom in your mind to be whatever they turn out to be as things often end up looking differently to how you imagined – but sometimes that’s a good thing.


What are the reasons behind the editing choices of this video, for example the filter colour and edits between the different visuals?

The EP is called New York and we wanted to use this filter to compliment the song and bring in the feel of being in NYC.


Jones will be releasing part III of her EP trilogy, titled Paris in October and will be launching this with a show there! Stay tuned.

If you love Silver Screen as much as we do, then head on over to JONES’ New York EP review below and listen to her full EP!