FOURS have been wooing us with their ‘sickly sweet’ (sorry) indie pop bangers for most of this year; recently they dropped ‘Tell Me In The Morning’ fully proving their versatility.

Taking the lead of the likes of Fickle Friends and giving us music to dance to that has depth and a silky layer of production that most would kill to have, Fours have most definitely won our hearts and with such a change in pace for ‘Tell Me In The Morning’ we couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a chat to them about it for our Unwrapped section.

Your new track ‘Tell Me In The Morning’ is a lot slower than your normal poppier sound, what lead to you creating this particular track? 

A: We felt our set needed a little variety and a bit of a dip in pace so it wasn’t to pop in your face. We also wanted to challenge ourselves to step out of the norm slightly.

How different was the approach to this track compared to that of the others that you’ve shared with us?

This came from a writing session with Richard Walters, which we slowly worked into our set. There were probably 15 differently versions until the one we finally released – so pretty different to our usual writing process, however we’re all really happy with what we ended up with.

The production is really stripped back, focusing on the vocals, were there any other tracks that you looked to for inspiration for this style?

Probably a little bit of Lapsley and a bit of MUNA, but mainly we wanted to try something a little different.


Since sharing the track, how have you found the reaction/any surprises, stand out comments? 

Anyone that’s seen us live has already heard it, so not too much of a reaction – though there was this one guy that told us to stick to songs like Sickly Sweet, so cheers to you pal.