The London four-piece dig into their curveball of a new single…

Escapists have been gone for a while. The four-piece, hailing from London, have not released a track since their brilliant double-A side ‘Silence’/’Animals’ a whole year ago. But now they’re back, trading in their ambient electro-rock sound for the full-throttle assault of ‘Weirdo’. Their curveball of a new single is far more straightforward in its delivery, incorporating chunky rhythms and pounding drumbeats with a clamour of guitars.

It certainly struck a chord with us. Below the band tell us more of the track and why they’ve waited to make their return…

Your new track ‘Weirdo’ is a riot! Can you tell us a little about how the track came to life?

‘Weirdo’ is a track that has been brewing for a long time; I think the initial idea was put down just after we finished our first record. It took a long time to figure out a way to play it in a room together as it was the first thing I had kind of written solely on a computer. Once we started playing it together it took on a life its own and the other guys added their own flavour to all the parts. Like a lot of our stuff the track’s main hooks are all rhythmic. We really wanted a song that fused the dance sensibilities we have with some really visceral guitars.

It’s a decidedly more confident sound than your last release, the double A side ‘Silence’/ ‘Animals’, which channelled elements of lo-fi electronica. What spurred your change of direction?

‘Weirdo’ actually comes from the same sessions as those two tracks (which will both be on the record). We never really think of ourselves in a certain genre so we love writing stuff from lots of different angles.

It’s been about a year since you last released any new music. Why did you decide that ‘Weirdo’ was the right choice to come back with?

When we put out ‘Silence’ we had a few tracks that we’d recorded and weren’t sure what we were doing so we put just put something out to test the water. After we put that out we had a mad burst of creativity and found ourselves with a records worth of songs. It’s taken us a year to polish the final product and get our plans together…

The term “weirdo” suggests that you’re all a bit out of the ordinary, but the song itself implies a more grounded meaning behind your lyrics. Can you tell us a little about what the song means to you and what you were feeling when you were writing it?

I guess that the track is really about fighting the social norm rather than being straight up weird. In the Instagram, social media world we live in everything seems so preened and perfect and everyone is trying to comply with some standard set by the influencers and trend setters. We wanted to say that it’s ok to think ‘fuck that’ I’m going to do my thing, celebrate your weirdness whether it’s model trains or face tattoos.

With your rockier sound, what can we expect from any future releases?

We’ve always had some loud guitars The biggest change for us really is that Max now has this interesting keyboard rig; so we’re not afraid of putting more keyboards onto the tracks and building a huge wall of sound.

You’ve been working on your second album, slated for next year. What can you tell us about your new LP currently?

What we had on this record was time. The first one we recorded in a week, this one we spent a year writing and recording sporadically. We also worked with an amazing producer which lead us to not worry about how we would play everything live, which is really liberating. We’ve got a lot of weird synth sounds, some amazing brass players on it and even a guest female lead vocal. It’s a really diverse record with the songs serving a really interesting story. The louds are louder than before and the quiets quieter than we’ve been able to do before.

You’re playing Camden Assembly on 23rd Jan! Will you be testing out your new music there?

Yeah our live show is five of us so it’s a pretty visceral show. It’s non stop and a proper party atmosphere. We’ve got a really great set mapped out that plays a lot of the new tracks and keeps a few of the older ones in there for nostalgia.

Escapists’ ‘Weirdo’ is available now.