The singer-songwriter has teamed up with production duo SONIK for a track that sounds nothing like what either normally make…


‘Fly To You’ is a great track, what was the initial inspiration for writing the track?

Sonik – We went into our first studio session with Brad with really no idea what would come out, we had no rules no deadlines, just intent to create and capture good vibes.

Brad – It’s always an interesting time when it comes to the studio. I didn’t really have any clue what was going to happen, I just brought myself & my guitar. We ended up combining some existing ideas I had to create the basis of the song, then the Sonik boys worked their magic on the production. It was a unique experience for me in regards to songs writing & creation!


How did the collaboration come about?

S – A friend of ours from around Byron Bay told us about this young kid called Bradley Stone he was teaching. He invited us to go check out his performance at the Sydney Opera House, and after seeing him perform live in front of a packed house we knew we wanted to work with this awesome talent! Next thing we were in the studio collaborating on a track that is ‘Fly To You.


How have people been reacting to the track?

S – It’s been a great reaction so far. People are loving the track and blend of organic sounds with electronic elements. And of course Bradley’s vocal is melting hearts!

B – It’s been awesome, I’ve received quite a few messages from existing fans & also some people who have found my music through this track saying how much they love it, so that really makes it worth it.




Who or what was inspiring you at the time you wrote the track?

B – Well for me, it was just the whole exploration of the idea that in todays society there are so many barriers and walls between people, that it makes it hard to find that one person & connect. Even when we do find someone special, there’s often too much fear. And to be honest, I think I was just getting sick of it.


The track is very different from what you both normally make, what do you think further collaboration would sound like?

S – Definitely different, but in the best way possible.  We see future tracks heading down the same road, strung together with emotive lyrics, electronic textures & Brad’s smooth vocals.


What can we expect from you all next musically?

B – I’ve released a whole lot of music within a short period of time & I’m feeling quite burnt out/stagnant for some reason. I think it’s because it’s time to move onto bigger, greater things. So I’m not sure. Jazz/blues/soul is definitely on the books. No plans as of yet.

S – We are currently working on a few killer tracks from other amazing Australian talent to be released in the new year! Keep an ear out!