When we first heard ‘Go To’, we just had to find out more about the brilliant, emotional song and the man behind it.

In our unwrapped feature, we take a deeper look into the thinking behind the track.

‘Go To’ is a great track, were there any artists that were inspiring you at the time you wrote it?

Thank you! I can’t recall who I was listening to at the time I wrote it but I do remember jamming with my brother in law Jordan Hardee and producer Charles Holloman for about 5 hours before the verse melody came and then it was plain sailing after that.


Can you walk us through the meaning behind the song?

I wrote the lyric during a pretty dark roller coaster of a time in my life. It’s an honest reflection of me facing my fears and insecurities. As a result, it left me with the question of asking “who am I going to be without your love” which, for me, put quite a positive spin on the song.



What was the initial inspiration for writing the track? 

The main inspiration was to be honest and true to form and to have a great sounding record of a period of time in my life.


How have people been reacting to it?

People come up to me singing the chorus and my dad likes it so I see that as a positive reaction 🙂


‘Go To’ is a big development on your previous work, what can we expect from you next?

I have a lot of songs recorded and ready to release, the next single is called Animal which is due to come out Oct 6.


His next single is out October 6th and you can see him supporting Bleachers at London’s KOKO on October 18th.